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Manchester CT

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  • 42 Wetherell St Manchester, CT - Manchester
    Daily, impatient drivers race up the right side of the exit 2 off ramp (a one lane ramp), they then cut off cars making left hand turns onto Wetherell, which is a one lane road at that point. Either the ramp needs to be changed to two lanes with a light or we need law enforcement present to make the intersection more safe.
  • road Open
    Dover Rd Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    road cracking naer salem rd.
  • Intersection Of Hilliard/Woodland/Duval - Central Manchester
    Cars driving on Hilliard/ Woodland tend to roll the stop signs or not even stop at all. The main issue is cars coming up from the Adams St. side of Hilliard. There could be cars waiting on Duval and multiple cars will go right through that stop sign as if it does not exist. Have an unmarked cop car sit on Duval and count the number of people who do it... perfect place to issue tickets.
  • 45-57 Windemere St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    this 4-way intersection in front of Waddell School is DANGEROUS! Too many driver either roll-stop or completely blow these stop signs.
  • New State Road Manchester, CT - Manchester
    Be careful driving north on this road. It could ruin your suspension. REALLY BAD!
  • New State Road Manchester, CT - Manchester
    After the winter storm Nemo the road condition has worsen as compared to already bad condition. The road has many potholes and they need to be fixed as early as possible.
  • East Coast Greenway Manchester, CT 06040, USA - Manchester
    Snow from plows has piled 4 feet high, totally blocking bike path, and creating a hazardous situation. Just before passage under overpass, will not see sun or melt. Needs to be cleared.
  • Gardner St Manchester, CT - Manchester
    How can a truck with road patch fill one hole and ignore others in the same area. They also drive by numerous potholes.
  • 150 West Center Street - Central Manchester
    Street Light Out
  • Middle Turnpike West & Interstate 84 & U.S. 6 & U.S. 44 Manchester, CT 06042, USA - Manchester
    Multiple lights out at least a half dozen plus on 291/84E connector. This is at the curved part, very dangerous to not have sufficient lighting.
  • Spencer St And Shop Rite Manchester, Connecticut - Manchester
    Massive pothole outside 252 spencer street shell gas station in manchester
  • Florence Street Central Manchester, CT 06040, USA - Manchester
    This road has been torn up and in unsafe condition for 9 weeks. There are manhole covers sticking up and 4-5 inch drops off every driveway. The road is across from Nathan Hale School and is heavily traveled by school buses and students.