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Manchester CT

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  • 230-398 Bush Hill Rd Manchester, CT 06040, USA - Manchester
    Now that the snow has melted, when will the town of Manchester finish the 2009 leaf collection? We have safety issues when plowed snow piles on top of large piles of snow. People can not see to safely pull out of their driveways. Before the snow begins again the town's forces should finish their job before someone gets hurt. There has been a couple of times when there has been a long period between snow and there is no sign of the town doing it's job.
  • 349 Oakland St Central Manchester, CT 06042, USA - Manchester
    street needs to be where rto wait for bus
  • Route 30 Rockville CT 06066, USA - Vernon
    At the exit from the HOV lane onto Rt. 30 in Vernon, the light has been changed from a trip light to an automatic red light. In 25 trips I have only seen 2 cars exit, but everytime I get off the highway at Exit 64 and turn onto Rt. 30 south, that light is red. This is very frustrating. It would be better to have no light at all, as most cars turn right anyway!
  • Tolland Street - Manchester
    The sidewalk after the last house on Tolland Street leading to the back entrance of Wickham Park is never cleared off, snow, ice etc
  • 19 Waranoke Rd Central Manchester, CT 06040, USA - Central Manchester
    There is a major pot hole at the end of Waranoke road turing onto pitkin st. Needs to be fixed for good. It happens every year.
  • 164yfz Archived
    349-371 Oak St East Hartford, CT - East Hartford
    red mazda
  • Sheldon Road colonial road Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Manchester
    right across the street from Amoco tranmission . on sheldon and colonial roads. right there at the stop light . near the curb . please fix fill the darm pot hole please .. thank you .
  • 252 Spencer St Manchester, Connecticut (Outside Spencer Street Shell Gas Station) - Manchester
    Old pothole keeps opening back up.... Not to bad yet but surely will be soon enough.
  • Test Archived
    494 Main St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
  • Wind Damage Archived
    176 Margaret Drive South Windsor, CT - South Windsor
  • Miller Pond Rd Manchester, CT - Manchester
    When turning onto Miller Pond going East on Bush Hill, you have to go past Miller Pond, wait... to make sure no cars are in the dip, before turning onto Miller pond. When exiting Miller pond onto Bush Hill, you have the same problem if there is a car in the dip. Sometimes you pull out and a car appears out of nowhere. If there is any growth or snow, you have to pull out to the middle line onto Bush Hill to get a clear view. The cars exceed the speed limit on a daily basis. The town only cuts the growth twice during the season and piles snow on the corner, constantly even after numerous complaints. The road needs to be regraded or a traffic light put in at the intersection. If you speak with the town, they say they have checked it out. They do it with 4 wheel drive trucks not your average passenger vehicle.
  • 63 Columbia Dr Manchester, CT - Manchester
    Cable, internet, and phone are out at 63 Columbia Dr in Manchester.