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Manchester CT

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  • 295 Bidwell St Manchester, CT - Manchester
    street light out and sometimes blinking across from 295 bidwell st manchester ct
  • Garden Grove Road Central Manchester, CT - Manchester
    The people who use the facilities at the Nike Site do not follow the 25MPH speed on our street AND they throw their garbage out their car windows. Amazing how much trash is on our road/hill. We would LOVE speed bumps, but were told they do not work well with the snow plows.
  • Pothole Open
    21 Redstone Road Manchester, CT - Manchester
  • Hillard Street Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Manchester
    many lowered sewer covers on this road. its like htting pot holes. I try to avoid this road now because of all the lower sewer covers. its just like pot hole . please fix .
  • Robertson Manchester, CT, USA - Manchester
    its been on the strret for three weeks and hasn't move
  • 21 Centerfield Street Central Manchester, CT - Manchester
    The bobcat that was hauling away brush had a broken hydraulic line and even after making the driver aware he just kept on going,leaving trails of oil where ever he went. The street is ruined and as far as all the children who play in this neighborhood,need I say more?
  • 730 Center Street Central Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    Street light out/flickering at pole 1508 near 730 Center Street. Pole has power issue. First reported in early July; pending 91 days and no resolution!
  • Mckee St And Lucian St Manchester, Connecticut - Central Manchester
    The street light at the corner of Lucian St and McKee St has been out for at least two weeks. It is not restarting.
  • Gerald Drive Manchester, CT - Manchester
    I called the highway department in Manchester to tell them that a couple of street lights are out on my street.Their response surprised me. I was told that there are street lights out all over town (hundreds) that are the responsibility of CL&P. It is because the light bulbs are OK but there is not electrical power to them making it CL&P's responsibility. This is not related to any storm.They further informed me that they have been after CL&P for many, many months to do the work needed and they only get a runaround. On my street the lights out are consecutive and on the dangerous curve in the road. We were all focused on the poor response to the power outages after the last storm but this seems to fit an overall pattern of negligence.
  • 12 Division St Central Manchester, CT 06040 - Central Manchester
  • 80 Buckland Hills Dr. manchester, CT - Manchester
  • Adams St Manchester, CT - Manchester
    Cars heading south on Adams street are often confused for waiting traffic on New State Rd. This can be very aggravating in the early morning or later at night when traffic is lighter. Also, the lights for the gravel yard should be independent of the New State lights.