Manchester Customer Service & Information Center

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Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2009-09-28

Manchester CT

Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • Church St XL Center, Hartford, CT - Central Manchester
    Crumbling stairs at the XL Center are a major hazard. Also, hole in sidewalk where a grate is missing, on corner of Church and Trumbull at XL.
  • 812 Center St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    power out at this address--traffic light out
    cannot get any information from CL & P
  • Pothole Archived
    974 Parker St Central Manchester, CT 06042, USA - Manchester
    There's a fairly large, but exceptionally deep pothole on Parker just past the Big Y.
  • 479 Main St Manchester, CT - Central Manchester
    Needs a Yield Sign there instead of Stop Sign.
  • 197 Gardner Street Manchester, Connecticut - Manchester
    The street light near my house on Gardner Street has been out for a while. I would like this fixed please. Thank you
  • 43-55 Richard Rd Central Manchester, CT 06040, USA - Central Manchester
    This happens every year. This should be fixed for good.
  • Summit St Manchester, Connecticut - Central Manchester
    There are a pair of sneckers hanging on a power lines right in front os sams market and across from the mazda dealership. This means drugs are sild here. Can someone please cut these down.
  • 512 Taylor St Central Manchester, CT - Manchester
    Taylor St between Elm Hill Rd and Vernon St is far too narrow for the amount of traffic that exists here. Roads need to be widened or at least looked into by Town.
  • New State Rd manchester, ct - Manchester
  • Hillstown Road manchester, Connecticut - Manchester
    The entire road from Wetherell St to the Glastonbury town line has numerous potholes, and crumbling road surfaces in both directions.
  • 321 Keeney St Central Manchester, CT 06040, USA - Manchester
    4 cruisers, one person arrested, cops looking for someone in neighboring areas (nutmeg la, strawberry la)
  • quitter Open
    East Middle Turnpike manchester, CT - Manchester
    911 dispatcher quits in lieu of being fired. why?