Dutchess Parking Lot

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Has the distinction of being the SLOWEST place to get from point A to point B in the US of A, despite not such a large population.


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  • 299 Titusville Rd Poughkeepsie, NY 12603, USA - Dutchess County
    Anyone who frequently travels on either Noxon or Titusville road will know what I'm talking about. People that are trying to make a left turn at this intersection are either taking risky chances trying to quickly slip in between on coming traffic, jumping ahead of the light change or continuing through when the light has turned red. It's amazing to me that there haven't been more accidents at this intersection.
  • 43 Raymond Ave Arlington, NY 12603, USA - Arlington
    The lights on the roundabouts on Raymond Ave. make it difficult to see when pedestrians are present. The design may look nice, but it is not very practical. Change the lights.
  • 214 Creek Rd Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Fairview
    This is horrible and getting worse daily. Most of the potholes on on the outside of both north and south lanes and drivers, trying to avoid them, are driving much closer to the middle and/or zig-zagging around them. This is a heavily traveled road that needs to be fixed ASAP.
  • Wilbur And Hooker Ave - Poughkeepsie
    Hooker Ave. and Wilbur needs a straight arrow and turn arrow, confuses motorist.
  • 110 Hudson Ave Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Poughkeepsie
    Traffic light is desperatly needed here! Three roads come together, traffic from Creek rd by Morgan Lake headed south or east, traffic from Smith headed north onto Creek, and traffic coming from Salt point to Creek Rd. Often especially during rush hour or when DCC lets out, it can take 15 minuted to turn because of two way traffic at this intersection. A light is needed!!
  • Thorn Hill Dr Pleasant Valley, NY 12569, USA - Fairview
    Drivers must enter Traver Rd. when making a left from Thorn Hill Dr. in order to see if there is any oncoming traffic. This is caused by the hill on the right side of Thorn Hill Dr. which blocks the drivers vision of oncoming traffic.
  • Sheafe Rd & Old Post Rd. Town Of Poughkeepsie NY 12601, Poughkeepsie (Town), NY 12601, USA - Crown Heights
    Intersection of Sheafe Rd and Old Post Road in all three directions is filled with large potholes. Old Post Rd, east and west direction up to Pok. Galleria; Sheafe Rd. , going north and south directions up to Sheafe Rd. Trailer Park. Needs immediate attention by Town of Poughkeepsie Highway Dept.
  • North Clinton Poughkeepsie - Poughkeepsie
    this road is a total mess moree holes than swiss cheese
  • U.S. 9 Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Poughkeepsie
    I take the midhudson bridge home from work. Almost every day drivers that are coming onto rte 9 from rte 55 ignore the yield sign at the bottom of the ramp making for an extremely dangerous merge condition for traffic exiting rte 9 north, onto the bridge. It is a very poorly designed intersection made 1000 time worse by people going right thru the yield sign...I've even seen Dutchess Co Sheriffs do it on more than one occasion. I've heard it argued that if you're not merging onto rte 9 north the sign doesn't apply to you? I don't understand this logic....a yield sign is a yield sign it isn't for just some vehicles. The exact same condition applies for the intersection coming off the bridge (eastbound) turning onto rte 9... Where are the police?
  • 15 Underhill Ave Poughkeepsie, NY 12601, USA - Poughkeepsie
    Underhill Ave is used as a shortcut/raceway for people looking to avoid 2 lights on Hooker.
  • Sharon Dr Needs Repavement From Beechwood Ave To Rt 9. Problematic Holes And Cracks. Must Swirve When Driving. Poughkeepsie, New York - Poughkeepsie
  • 765 Dutchess Turnpike Poughkeepsie, NY - Arlington
    There is never a break in traffic for pedestrians to cross at the walkway. When the traffic is going parallel with them, there is also a turn signal that causes a steady flow leaving Cherry Hill/ Adams that wont yield for pedestrians.