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  • 241 Perkins St. B701 Jamaica Plain, MA - Jamaica Plain
    There is absolutely no access to safe pedestrian crossing between our condominium at 241 Perkins St., Jamaica Plain (Cabot Estate) and Jamaica Pond, which is directly across the street. We are a community of 161 residences and more than 300 people living in a virtual pedestrian island. Yesterday one of our neighbors was hit a seriously injured while crossing the street. We have been trying for decades to hear "yes" from someone with the authority to give us a safe way to cross the street. We have heard lots of folks say "no, because....." but it seems illogical that there is no one who can figure out a way to permit folks in our community to safely cross the street.
  • 241 Perkins Street - Jamaica Plain
    Cabot Estate Condominiums are home to over 300 people
    who cross the 30 feet from the entrance of the complex across Perkins Street to Jamaica Pond. The crossing is hazardous because of the blind curve coming west, the recklessness of some drivers and the lack of a crosswalk and signage. On 9/10/2010 my S.O. was crossing with her dog, as she does 4 times each day, when she was struck by a distracted driver and sent to the ICU with 8 broken bones and a subdural hematoma. If she were not light and in excellent physical condition, she would have been the fatality which would get attention.
  • Jamaicaway/Riverway Boston, MA - Mission Hill
    Despite traffic signage of 25 mph, despite dangerous area d/t narrow, curving lanes, despite cell phone usage and texting, despite the fact that we just had a horrible fatal accident, I experience drivers passing me when I am even at 35 mph! I never see police presence, and I live right in this area. Please police this area! Thank you.
  • 265-279 Chestnut St Boston, Massachusetts - Jamaica Plain
    Bike wheel can get caught. Should be rotated 90 degrees.
  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    1175 Centre Street Boston, MA 02130, USA - Jamaica Plain
    This traffic light timing pattern needs to be rethought. The traffic outbound on Centre st stops very frequently and if it is lengthened it will relieve traffic. Maybe install sensors or different timing for different traffic patterns.
  • 98 Burroughs St Boston, MA 02130, USA - Jamaica Plain
    This intersection needs traffic cameras or more police presence, as cars routinely speed through red lights, almost hitting pedestrians who have the "walk" sign.
    I witness this dangerous behavior almost daily, when weather is good enough for me to ride my bike to work.
    Please install traffic cameras and start punishing people, before someone gets hurt or killed at this intersection.
  • (pothole) Archived
    The Arborway In Jamaica Plain right after the centre street rotary - Jamaica Plain
    on the arborway in jamaica plain, going northbound, just where the arborway meets the centre street rotary. There's a big pothole in the left hand lane.
  • Snow Shoveling Help Acknowledged
    2 Pond Circle Boston, MA - Jamaica Plain
    Snow Shoveling of walk, driveway
  • Parkton Road Jamaica Plain, MA - Mission Hill
    Cars often park illegally on the sidewalk surrounding 87 and 92 Parkton Road. We would really appreciate higher ticketing because it makes the already narrow street difficult to drive down and hard to see out of driveways.
  • A giant pothole at this approximate location on Centre Street in Jamaica Plain sidelined nine cars recently.