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Issues related to bicycling in NYC will be sent to the attention of Robert Fader, an attorney specializing in bicycle injury law.

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  • 3159 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11234, USA - City Council District 46
    Flatbush Ave South desperately needs a left turn signal at the light for the entrance to the Aviator Sports parking lot at Floyd Bennett Field. Because there is an access road/bike path just before the entrance, there is a second red light facing cars trying to make left turns. This is confusing and unsafe. When attempting to make the left on green, the driver is faced with the red at the access road. Cars back up in the left turn lane because it isn't possible to make the turn on green, which is the norm. Then they all try to turn when the light turns red for Flatbush traffic. There was recently a bad accident at this light and there are bound to be worse if a left turn signal is not installed.
  • 428 Lafayette St New York, NY 10003 - Greenwich Village
    Every morning, FedEx trucks park in the bike lane and sort packages. This morning there were 5 trucks parked in the bike lane. This causes danger to cyclists who have to veer into traffic on this major bike route.
  • 333 Adams St New York, NY 11201 - Downtown
    Green painted bike lane has extensive damage in front of Marriot hotel driveway. There are also protruding metal access boxes and manhole covers at various point. This is the main west bound bike lane to the Brooklyn Bridge and it is extremely dangerous.
  • First Ave. And Saint Marks St. New York, NY - East Village
    @kenstanek received a ticket for not riding in the 1st Ave Bike Lane. These tickets have never held up in court and are part of a citywide crackdown on cycling in NYC. Police told Mr. Stanek they are specifically targeting bicycles.
  • 7th Ave & 115th St New York, NY - Harlem
    My wife and I were riding north on 7th Avenue, in the left lane in preparation for a left turn on 116th St. A police car came up behind us and announced through the loudspeaker, "Get in the bike lane. Ride in the bike lane, not the traffic lanes." I signaled a left turn and the officer seemed to get it. He may have also noticed the numerous vehicles (including a police car) parked in the bike lane. Clearly the NYPD still does not understand NYC traffic laws.
  • 16 Morningside Ave new York, NY - Morningside Heights
    Today beginning at around 6 PM, a group of a dozen or so older adolescents began riding motor bikes up and down Morningside Avenue between 123rd Street and 116th Street. They did not wear helmets, they had no license plates. They rode at very, very high speeds, did "wheelies," and one of them rode on the sidewalk at several points. They disturbed everyone around with their noise and prevented people from enjoying the park. The police were not in evidence for reasons that I do not understand. This went on for around forty-five minutes.
  • 644 Ocean Pkwy Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    One side of Ocean Parkway is supposed to be for bikes and the other for walking but because no one enforces this, bikes ride on both sides which constitutes a hazard for senior citizens who are out walking
  • 8th And Jane St. - West Village
    bike lane frequently blocked.
  • bike rack Archived
    224 Columbia St Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA - City Council District 39
    Bike rack requested for this location
  • Sharrows along this bicycle route, which show a rider with a helmet, are somewhat faded. Some of the sharrows are headless. They should be repainted.
  • 409-449 Vanderbilt Ave Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Fort Greene
    A number of deep potholes (6" +) on Vanderbilt between Gates and Greene force bikers to veer into traffic to avoid severe tire damage. Especially dangerous because, while Vanderbilt's bike lane ends at Atlantic, many bikers continue on the road after it ends.
  • 59 Summit Street Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA - City Council District 39
    Woofs and Whiskers requested a bike rack. There seems to be enough sidewalk space, however there are cracks in sidewalk