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This watch area was created so members of the Chatham Square Neighborhood Association may report issues that affecting the image, physical condition, real-estate market position and effective management of our neighborhood. Participation is voluntary and welcomed.

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  • 142-166 Front St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square

    I don't know where this issue belongs. We have a beautiful riverfront with a lot of potential but the desolate space by Grand Vin is depressing. I'm not sure who owns the land but keeping it empty will not make them money or help the community. For all the time that space has been abandoned (since Bare Beans left and the flower shop burned down and who knows what's going on with Martin's) the developer could have offered free rent to small businesses and allowed them to get started and establish themselves. They would have made the same $0 they've made over the last year, but could've helped the community.

    I believe we have enough families who would go there every day if there was a small Nicas-like market, a nice restaurant on the water and some kind of outside seating where we could sit by the water and have lunch, coffee, etc. Build a parking lot, plant some trees and put some tables outside, like Nica's. You don't need a lot to make that a nice space- the river and marina view is enough.

    We desperately need a coffee shop that opens early in the morning, before 9am; a good small market; and a convenience store. The entire neighborhood would shop there IF there was adequate parking and traffic signs.

    PLEASE do something with that area. Not developing this property and allowing it to remain unoccupied, or occupied by unappealing businesses (sorry, Ziggy) is so detrimental to our neighborhood.

    I hope Grand Vin never leaves. It's the only decent place there.

  • 2 Lombard St New Haven, CT 06513 - Chatham Square
    The woof guard rail on the river side of the street is broken.
  • 606 Ferry Street New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    I have frequently seen women in front of this store who appear to be prostitutes/drug addicts. Can the police please look into this?
  • Front St & Grand Ave Fair Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    Very small dog found weaving in and out of traffic. Very kind dog-loving woman is fostering her so she doesn't have to go to shelter.
  • Clinton Ave. @ Lombard St. New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square

    They are slowly creeping back up. *This* red and white bike (if not the very one, one very similar to it with similar logo) out today Sat. 7/13/13 in Fair Haven. 4PM on. Small rider (5',6"); could not tell what he looks like because was wearing full mask in 80+ degree weather.

    Dirt bike followed by entourage including black scooter with two riders, and small "moped" style beige scooter with one rider.

  • Clinton Park New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Thursday afternoon (3/20/14), Clinton Park, about 8 dirtbikes and ATVs flying around Clinton School and Clinton Park. The usual wheelies, high speeds near children playing, etc etc. They seemed very non-chalant and very unconcerned that law enforcement might take notice.
  • Front Street New haven, Ct - Chatham Square
    9:30 pm, Front Street. Dirtbikes flying by. Was peaceful for a month.
  • Front Street New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    I had a package stolen off my porch on 2/6 ( the same day a hypodermic needle was on my steps). There was a man walking up and down the street that day, my neighbor went out and asked what he was doing- waiting for a ride was his answer. We were not home when this occurred. Yesterday, 3/6, I had 3 packages stolen. A man with a large backpack was seen on Front Street again yesterday. Front Street residents beware if you are having anything delivered. The window of time that the packages are stolen is less than 2 hours from delivery. I live in the block between Pine and Chatham Street.
  • 48 Bright Street New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    Red ATV 50mph down Grand right turn onto Bright St.--they loop onto Bright all the time.
  • 31-99 English Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    A group of 6-8 dirt bikers (and one 4-wheeler) were riding all over the Clinton Park athletic fields (Clinton Avenue School) this past weekend, 9/22. I was on one of the baseball fields with my two children (both under five). Felt like a scene out of Mad Max. I know this is a longstanding & complicated issue, but the takeaway for the general public (including young children) is that laws are meant to be laughed at, while pulling wheelies and tearing up public parks. I welcome any feedback and ideas toward solutions.
  • 1 Grand New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    It is about time the no fishing on the Grand Ave bridge law is enforced. The bridge has dead fishing parts, sea weed, and plastic bags,
  • 1 Grand Ave New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    Happens every day, Mr. Travers. Traffic lights in all directions turn red when the bridge swings open.

    Cars, trucks, and yes, CT busses, regularly swing out of line, drive down LEFT lanes, and turn left -- or right! -- in front of other vehicles. Drivers crowd onto the bridge's onramp and block traffic to beat others in crossing the bridge when it reopens. Lots of horns, lots of yelling, lots of anger, lots of everything that happens when traffic control doesn't make sense and traffic enforcement is absent.

    Can you do something about this, please? Can we get enforcement here to direct traffic in the short term -- while your office figures out a better way to control the lights?