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Watching issues created after: 2009-10-02

This watch area was created so members of the Chatham Square Neighborhood Association may report issues that affecting the image, physical condition, real-estate market position and effective management of our neighborhood. Participation is voluntary and welcomed.

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  • 1 Grand Ave New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    Disgraceful ATV's tearing up the newly made single lane streets/roads.

    These are and never were "kids just having fun" (several grown men among them)--riding at HIGH speeds in the aftermath of a major crises.

  • Perkins Street New Haven, CT 06513 - Chatham Square
    Many of the First Student buses are back to barreling down our one-way street. Some come down the street so fast that they windows shake. Most are doing a good job and coming down the street at a reasonable speed, but these few bad apples are dangerous, putting children and animals at risk. PLEASE slow down!!!
  • 57 Grafton St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    Positive sightings of pitbulls being trained to bite/fight on the URI Community Greenspace trees in Chatham Square Park has been made. This dog or these dogs are thought to live in the block of Chatham Street between Maltby and Lombard Streets, but this has not been positively confirmed. The stripped bark means certain tree death. Stop the arborcide! The Friends of Chatham Square Park are meeting at 8:30 AM on Saturday July 24th to replace one of the trees and install guards for the remaining trees.
  • 15 Lewis St. New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    House next door to me that has been foreclosed on and is owned by CHFA has been broken into multiple times through broken windows and doors that are not able to be locked. This house is sadly becoming an eyesore and now it is a safety issue with people getting inside. I have contacted the NHPD, LCI and CHFA and so far I have heard little back and the house is still completely accessible.
  • 278-332 Front St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square

    2 Pit bulls were loose this morning and barking at something trapped under a shed for over 2 hours. The police were called repeatedly (by separate people) and never showed. What was left when they got bored and moved on is a mangled dying opossum (its beyond awful to see). The dogs (they are both white and brown) were last seen heading toward Grand Ave.

    Please call the police if you see them...not that they are responding.

  • 204 English St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Chatham Square
    Especially from 9:00pm-3:00am, there is music blaring from one car after another that stop at the first two houses on the even side of the block. In the corner house, people do drugs on the front porch at night and brag that the authorities won't show. So they are not afraid of being caught. The fact that they are talking loud enough to be overheard shows how obnoxiously loud they are. There is also constant profanity from the cars blaring music that is overheard by the many children in the neighborhood - especially the little ones that they keep out on the street with them at these late hours.
  • 149 Clinton Ave New Haven, CT - Chatham Square
    There was a shooting 2 doors down from my house tonight. Police are camped out all over (which I can appreciate) However, they have been increasingly rude and unhelpful. As a freaked out mother who leaves to go to the store I do not expect to be yelled out when I try and return to my home. And told I can't drive my car back to my house "cuz I'm here an I ain't leaving" If you want us on your side then behave like good citizens and be polite and respectful, I didn't commit a crime and should not be treated as such.
  • Front St Grand Ave New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    Winter wonderland for illegal operation of vehicles--5 in a pack. Tremendously loud, have been out all day since snowstorm started.

    NHPD non-emergency called. Seems they can't be bothered to listen to the community given their incredibly unprofessional response and disregard towards said community: nearly hung up on before documenting the call yet again!

  • Parks Request Archived
    69 Grand Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    Grass and weeds in Strong School yard and sidewalk median is 2 feet high. The boarded up building already invites graffiti and other trouble, so let's at least keep the grounds decent. Please MOW asap!!!
    Thank you
  • 149 Clinton Avenue New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    Last weekend I called 9-1-1 for the 6th time this year for a car accident caused by someone not obeying one of the three stop signs at the intersection of Clinton and Grafton.

    Last year I had a motorcyclist land on our front steps. The drag racing and speeding has got to stop. Someone is going to be really hurt!

    How do I lobby for a better stop mechanism?

  • 32 Pine St New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    The house at 32 Pine St has the entire backyard filled with junk, unregisterd cars, a pig carcass and more. In addition, their side lot is completely unmaintained covered in trash, used condoms, hypodermic needles...

    Thanks to the owner of 32 Pine St's utter disregard for upkeep, the area has become a haven for prostitutes, drug dealers, and other human waste. There is now spraypaint "tags" on the stone wall marking some scumbag's territory.

    I won't post the owner's name, but everyone around here knows who he is and is tired of his utter disregard and lack of respect for his neighbors. Working personally with him did absolutely no good, so maybe this will.

  • Lewis St New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    It is very sad when going to select a "Category" to post here and our poor little street suffers all the issues but two. There have been a number of posts from a number of people living on this street and nothing has been done to correct ANY of the issues.

    I contacted our Alderman via email, phone, and text and have not received so much as a peep. Every single person on this street is sick of the trash, noise, crime (drugs, prostitution, etc), blight, condemned property, that plague our street on a daily basis.

    Since my first posting there have been no less than six used condoms in front of our homes (not to mention the piles of drug paraphernalia), on the streets and sidewalks where our children walk and we get out of our cars. I had company over and her son stepped on a used condom and it stuck to his foot and went into their car -- that is unacceptable.

    I think a street meeting with some city officials is due.