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  • Vandalism Repair Acknowledged
    2206 Millbank Street Raleigh, North Carolina - East Raleigh
    Many of the windows in this unoccupied rental property were smashed out weeks ago, and the home has been left trashed and unsecured since then. Could Inspections please help the neighbors who have to live with this unsafe eyesore in their midst? Thank you.
  • Bike Rack Archived
    224 S. Blount St. Raleigh, NC - Blount Corridor
  • Glascock And King Charles Raleigh, NC - East Raleigh
    The intersection at glascock and north King Charles really should be a 4 way stop. The traffic traveling on King Charles is often going too fast for people on glascock to comfortably turn onto King Charles.
  • 529 South Blount Street Raleigh, NC - Blount Corridor
    People Loitering in front of corner store / barber shop
    this building is posted as NO TRESPASSING / No Loitering
    I am asking for RPD to step up their patrols in the area
    as there is a increase of suspicious people loitering in the area
    (this is how GANGS move in: if they see that anyone can loiter etc, then next there will be drug deals going down as they like areas that have become seedy)
  • Chestnut St Raleigh, NC - Blount Corridor

    A pedestrian crossing is needed for crossing Wake Forest Road at Chestnut Street. There are lots of people who need to cross Wake Forest here - families walking to Conn Elementary, pedestrians walking to the bus stop, the post office letter carrier. There is a lot of traffic on Wake Forest, and I have seen people crossing at this spot in dangerous situations at all times of the day. It is just a matter of time before someone gets hit by a speeding car.

    I'd like for the city to add a button-activated crosswalk with a stoplight at the Wake Forest/Chestnut intersection.

  • Homeless Camp Archived
    598 Merrywood Drive Raleigh, NC - South Central
    Fix this Homeless problem NOW !!!
  • 1105 Gatling Street Raleigh, NC 27610, USA - South Central

    The north side of the 1100 block of Gatling street has seen an increase of activity as of late.

    Increased patrols would be greatly welcomed!

  • 1336 Marlborough Rd Raleigh, NC, USA - East Raleigh
    both sides of the sidewalk on Marlborough Rd between Rumson Rd and King Charles Blvd are obstructed by downed trees and deconstruction/construction debris, keeping elementary school walkers in the street walking to and from Powell Elementary.
  • 581-599 North Blount Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Blount Corridor

    All down Blount Street from Peace to South Blount is infested with mosquitoes and cockroaches. Especially during humid and wet hot weeks like these.

    I walked down Blount St. the other night and saw cockroaches scurry across the sidewalks. I probably counted over 10 in just a block (especially by the governors mansion and also a lot on Peace St. on the sidewalk to the left of krispy kreme). I realize there are probably infested houses/basements but there's got to be a way to keep them off the sidewalks. Not fun taking a date on a walk downtown and her seeing cockroaches everywhere she looks.

    Also, I get out of my car to go inside (I live off of N Blount) and I can see SWARMS of mosquitoes. I thought they were gnats at first and I tried working on my car earlier today (ignoring the swarm 20 ft away) and after 10 minutes I realized I had 15+ mosquito bites already (literally looked down and had 10+ mosquitoes on my legs).

    Why doesn't the city of Raleigh spray for bugs? Almost every other city I've ever lived in routinely has pest control. Now I pretty much am going to need to wear smelly bug spray as my cologne to keep the mosquitoes off me.

  • 1217-1299 N King Charles Rd Raleigh, NC 27610, USA - East Raleigh
    Powell Elementary School kids walking to and from school have to cross King Charles St at the intersection with Marlborough Rd. In the afternoons the carpool lane crosses over Marlborough on either side of the intersection, impeding the view of traffic for the crossing guard and the oncoming traffic from both King Charles and Marlborough. There have been too many near misses for the crossing guard and the children crossing. There needs to be a four way stop there rather than a two way.
  • 1325 Marlborough Rd Raleigh, NC - East Raleigh

    This issue was closed two weeks ago with the promise of action and absolutely nothing was done. The problem still exists at this location in the picture, and all over the neighborhood.

    The "reopen" link does not work, so it would be much appreciated if you did not close the issue until it is acknowledged as completed..

    Duke Energy is seriously neglecting the entire neighborhood with preventative pruning.

    Here's one example at 1325 Marlborough Rd. but there are trees overhanging lines all over the neighborhood including North King Charles Rd., Rumson, Crabtree and other streets.

    Given the damage caused by storms and the tornadoes, Duke Energy needs to send someone through the neighborhood to assess the tree problem over power lines.

  • Corner Of Idlewild And Jones Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central
    There are numerous dogs chained and kept in a very small fenced area here. The smell of dog waste is so strong it caries to surrounding homes and to the street. They are covered in mud and waste and seem to be not well taken care of. Concern for the dogs' safety as well as the well being of neighbors. Thank you.