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  • 620-698 E Davie St Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - South Central

    Myself and others believe that a 4 way stop sign should be at intersections E. Davie and Haywood, and E. Davie and Swain. Drivers routinely speed through here with many children at play. there is a hill at E. Davie and Swain that blocks visibility to the other side of the hill. I live at 620 E. Davie and have a baby that should soon feel safe about crossing the street when the time comes as well as me, the parent. Please advise what to do if I need to do more work to make this happen.

    John Leonard
    Concerned citizen and parent

  • 1635 Wake Forest Rd Raleigh, NC 27604, USA - Mordecai
    Pedestrian sidewalk needed to connect to Wake Forest Rd.
  • 2335 Stevens Road Raleigh, NC - East Raleigh
    This home has been abandoned for about two years. There has been vandalism to the HVAC unit, there are fallen trees (which have also fallen onto surrounding properties) stray cats living under the house, and tall grass. I've called the owner, Animal Control, and the city on and off for years. I was told a violation was issued, but that was quite some time ago. This owner has several properties in this area, all in this condition. The residents of this area have been playing a waiting game for way too long!
  • 219-225 South Person Street Raleigh, NC - Blount Corridor

    Homeless trespassing on church property on Saturdays by sitting on the steps and the wall

    this property is posted no trespassing, so all cops have to do is drive by and arrest the homeless trespassers

  • Stevens Road Raleigh, NC - East Raleigh
    There is a streetlamp in the 2300 block of Stevens Road, which has not worked for years. On a good day, it flickers a few times and then dies. Due to the recent surge in burglaries in this neighborhood, the residents would prefer to have the area be better lit. Thank you.
  • 216-296 South Person Street Raleigh, NC - Blount Corridor

    COR is enforcing an illegal establishment of religion by government by allowing Church-in-the-woods to run a church on government owned land (park)

    Also lay members of Church-in-the-woods harass people who do not believe the same thing as them even though they are only there for food

    When will COR 'meter' the Saturday and Sunday use of Moore Square Park so groups who do not have the same beliefs as Church-in-the-woods
    can have equal access to run their version of their church in the park ?

    such as Jews, Muslims, Atheists etc

  • 411-599 Raleigh Boulevard Raleigh, North Carolina - North Central
    I cross Raleigh Blvd several times a day on Oakwood, Milburnie, or King Charles. Probably at least once a day, a car blatantly runs the light. It's gotten so bad, that almost everyone I know who crosses Raleigh hesitates a few seconds after the light turns green to make sure the people coming down Raleigh are actually going to stop! This would be a great place for a few red light cameras!
  • 218 S Blount St Raleigh, NC - Blount Corridor
    There are limited places for bicycles to park in front of Tir Na Nog, Bida Monda, and the Pour House. The new art rack in Moore Square is not very user friendly and far enough away that people won't find it if they are visiting this corridor.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    112 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    The public sidewalk in front of this bar is crowded with their tables and now a sign in between the tables. This is unattractive and is not in compliance with city zoning which regulates the private use of public space. Fayetteville Street is starting to look like party central.
  • 208 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Raleigh, NC - Central
    Well, the issue title says it all. The MLK intersections with Wilmington, Blount, and Person are terrible to cross. You have struggling neighborhoods very close to the City that would benefit from rehabilitation, and in order to attract new buyers and developers to those areas, the City needs to make it walkable. The only solutions that I see is feasible would be some pedestrian bridges over MLK. Even with crosswalks, it is just too wide to cross safely. Put in some raised greenways or something, and watch a long-overdue change happen to these areas.
  • 230 Fayetteville Street Raleigh, NC 27601, USA - Central
    While 227 Fayetteville Street is being remodeled, Market Plaza and the sidewalk in front are magnets for loitering. Last night there was a street brawl. Tonight, the same crew is out, about 15 people at various states of inebriation. They generate a huge amount of litter. Here's one suggestion for the city: pull up the benches around this property as long as it's vacant. And send a cop around every night after dark, on the hour.
  • 200 South Bloodworth Street Raleigh, NC - Central
    I'm sitting outside in beautiful Downtown Raleigh. The Crotch Rocket man drives by revs his engine. Everyone stops speaking. Yes he a a jerk with no self-confidence. Clearly a Loser. I was told last week by a RPD Officer, that loud vehicles are not illegal. Can this be true? I'm ready for this to be illegal.