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  • Homeless Camp Archived
    438-460 Chapanoke Road Raleigh, NC - Southwest
    There is a new homeless camp in the trashed area ignored by the City of Raleigh. There are mattresses, blankets, pillows, multiple empty King Cobra bottles. The owner of this property needs to be fined and held accountable for what is taking place on their land.
    This trashed area was most recently reported over 3 weeks ago and acknowledged by the city 20 days ago. This is not the first time this issue has been brought to the city's attention. As of today there have been no updates regarding this area.
    This issue is a danger to all the residents living in Renaissance Park, and should have been addressed the first time it was reported. If you let an area remain trashed eventually homeless people will move in, since the area looks ignored. It is only a matter of time until a crime is committed as a result of this. Please take action now.
  • 407 Chapanoke Road Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest

    'With Love From Jesus' Food Pantry
    does not remove (or check for) spoiled food causing poor people to get sick in violation of NC supermarket type regulations that prohibit the selling or giving away adulterated food (that has mold or is unsafe / unfit for human consumption)

    address: 421 Chapanoke Road, Raleigh, NC 27603 (Entrance at rear of building)

  • 464 Chapanoke Rd Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest
    Again, the shopping center has had a "festival" that has left trash all down Chapanoke road. The trash is blowing its way into the nearby neighborhood. Please have someone come out and pick up that area.
  • 453-491 Chapanoke Road Raleigh, NC - Southwest
    I know members of the Ren Park community have posted several times about the garbage being an issue at the International grocery store. There are massive amounts of trash and dumping going on at this location. I also recognize that the City of Raleigh has investigated and when they stopped by, found no violations. I believe that is because the COR investigators came through after the garbage was picked up by the trash services. Attached are pictures I took within the past few hours of more garbage issues. I hope when the City of Raleigh investigates this time, they will head out to the location on a Monday before the trash services team comes through and removes the items. This trash and dumping accumulates over each weekend and blows into our community.
  • 827 West Morgan St Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough
    Can we do something about these guys? They are out here at West Morgan Center every afternoon harassing people for money - aggressive enough to knock on people's windows and vehicle doors. The one in the long coat is obviously suffering from a serious mental disorder and easily gets angry and flails his arms. It's only going to be a matter of time before he loses it completely and hurts someone. The white guy always with him urinates all the time, along the wall of the building at the laundry, or the wall at Trophy. He is drunk this afternoon and peeing right over the ledge at the parking lot.
  • 700 Glenwood Avenue Raleigh, North Carolina - Glenwood-Brooklyn
    This building recently had 2 signs installed in the front windows. The signs are digital displays that rotate advertisements, flash and I think show short video clips. They're very large (almost the size of the whole window) and seem like they might be in violation of the sign ordinance. I understand why it's a great place to advertise as there are lots of people always waiting at the light on both streets, but also feel that it's probably very distracting to drivers who already have a lot to think about at a very busy intersection. I don't know if a single business occupies the buildling or if the owner is just renting out the windows for advertising.
    Any info on if this is allowable would be great. Thanks!
  • W Hargett St & St/ Mary'S St Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough

    What's wrong with this picture? This RPD cruiser has been illegally parked for some time now. This is a busy interesection and this RPD cruiser parked in NO PARKING ZONE is making it difficult for individuals pulling out of the parking lot across from the end of St. Mary's St at W Hargett. Cars pulling out have a limited line of sight due to the illegally parked (abandoned) RPD cruiser. I am sure any regular citizen would have a ticket and/or a boot by now. This RPD cruiser has been here for some time - not just temporarily.

    I look forward to hearing the fix to this issue. Please don't just reply with "this car has been moved." I would like to see a formal response by the City why it is OK to leave a RPD car in a NO PARKING ZONE for extended periods of time where it makes a busy intersection UNSAFE for both pedestrians and drivers.

    The entire City should be afforded to see this reply.

    Thank you.


  • Corner Of Dawson And Davie Raleigh, NC - Central
    There is no crosswalk signal and a missing crosswalk at this very busy intersection.
  • 200 South Mcdowell Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Central
    There are homeless people bringing weapons around with them at Moore and Nash Square Parks, what is RPD going to do about this problem ?
  • Raleigh Beltline Raleigh, North Carolina - Southwest

    Accidents in this area were averaging 2 a week for May-July, and jumped to 5/week for August.

    Here is a video of the exact problem I experienced:

    Here's the WRAL story on my 8/13 accident:

    NCDOT standards for road marking removal, set forth in "Standard Specifications for Roads and Structures". NCDOT: Raleigh, NC. Div. 12, Sec. 1205 (I - Removal of Pavement Markings), lines 38-39, "Leave the pavement surface in a condition that will not mislead or misdirect the motorist.". This requirement has not been met along the Fortify construction zone because, in several places, markings diverge and the old ones are almost as visible as the new. See,%20Markers%20and%20Delineation.pdf

  • Bar Fights Archived
    825 W Morgan St Raleigh, NC - Hillsborough

    Drunks and Homeless Don't Mix.

    A homeless shelter for recovering alcoholics next to a bar that serves nothing else than alcohol makes a great mix. I'm all for Trophy coming to the neighborhood, but I think they should have to serve food, it is a drunk fest as it is, but Raleigh needs to start a conversation about Cornerstone with the County. The Homeless at Cornerstone are drinking and smoking and littering the street. Our once quiet neighborhood doesnt need this.

  • 1020-1076 West Peace Street Raleigh, North Carolina - Hillsborough

    The bike lanes on Peace Street and also on Clark Avenue are too narrow. These lanes are as narrow as 38" in some places, which is considered substandard by any bicycle facility guidance. In other places, the lanes are closer to but still less than 48".

    AASHTO states that on extremely constrained, low volume roadways with curbs but no gutter, where the preferred bike lane witdthcannot be achived despite narrowing all other travel lanes to their minimum widths, a 4 foot bike lane can be used (AASHTO Guide to Bicycle Facilities, 2011).

    More should be done to accommodate bicyclists on Peace and Clark, especially with increased density coming to the area. With the depressions due to the storm drains and motor vehicle volumes, bike lanes of at least 5 ft should be considered on this roadway.

    Additionally, there is a poor transition between the bike lanes on Clark Ave and Peace St -- where the bicycle lane hugs the curb but doesn't align with