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  • 1700-1998 Compass Rd Honey Brook, PA 19344, USA - Chester County
    Bridge has dangerous potholes that causes the tractor trailers to skip from their lane into the oncoming lane. The road needs immediate attention before there is a fatal accident.
  • OPTICOM Open
    3501-3599 S Manor Rd Glenmoore, PA 19343, USA - West Brandywine
  • Unnamed Rd Elverson, PA 19520, USA - Chester County
    3 Round Max Rule, this needs to be changed. Let us shoot a full mag please!
  • 2173 Hill Camp Rd. Pottstown, PA - Chester County
    Brocken Bridge Rail Down
  • T819 Morgantown, PA - US Congressional District PA16
    Where Welsh Rd enters Rt 10 it needs to be milled and resurfaced. The road is full of bumps and dips.
  • Pennsylvania 401 Elverson, PA 19520, USA - Chester County
    For an unknown reason, PennDOT put oil and chips over a perfectly good PA401 last year. Now the road is noisy, chips are flying, and the road is very slippery. What were they thinking?
  • 619 Compass Rd Honey Brook, PA 19344, USA - Chester County
  • 1700-1998 Compass Rd Honey Brook, PA 19344, USA - Chester County
    This road has many potholes on the bridge that covers the creek. It is a very narrow bridge and traveled by many tractor trailers. You cannot avoid the potholes, they cover both lanes. It is a real hazard.
  • 644 Geigertown Road Union Township, PA 19508, United States of America - US Congressional District PA6
    Car accident took out pole
  • Repair this please! Bridge is full of potholes, bumps etc. Cold winter driving on bridge is horrible.
  • Dangerous Archived
    Chestnut Tree Road Honey Brook, PA - Chester County
    When will they fix flooding and deterioration problems on this entire road? Caught between two townships, this road is neglected. Blosenski should be liable for a portion of the cost.
  • Route 322 And Route 82 Intersection Honey Brook - West Brandywine
    The north and south bound on Rt. 82 need to go at separate times - traffic backs up because people can't make a left turn.