Tri County Record

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The coverage area for Tri County Record newspaper.

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  • 1 Woodland Drive Honey Brook, PA - Chester County
    The corner house at Woodland Dr & RT 10 has a large amount of random equipment, building materials, lawn mowers, trash & ETC Jargon just collecting on their property. This is a neighborhood blight and creates a general atmosphere of a ghetto-redneck free for all. The joke i had to cut my grass to find my car applies to this residence.
  • 235 Clymer Hill Road Caernarvon Township, PA 19543, United States of America - Morgantown
    Morgantown exh box380 willow glen rd line c7405 pole3 to 5 Robert weaver e 0144447 2 hours contractor called 9:30 tree fell tore cable in half CMR 190223118461
  • 441-489 Manor Rd Elverson PA 19520, USA - Chester County
    Pole Damage due to car hitting pole 6/8/16 30'/4 pole Pole # 64
  • 78 Powder Mill Road Boyertown Pa 19512 - US Congressional District PA6
    Replace/transfer to new pole due to vehicle accident
  • 461-599 Fairview Rd Glenmoore, PA 19343, USA - Chester County
    Please obey posted speed limits on Fairview Rd. Just because we don't have local police you are not given the right to go as fast as possible. We regularly observe people far above the speed limit in front of our house.
  • Buck Hollow Mohnton / Berks , PA - US Congressional District PA6
    Buck hollow road in Robeson Twp coming from Hay Creek Rd is in really bad shape. A lot of potholes and so much patching that is falling apart thAt it's dangerous and damaging to vehicles. It's a windy road to begin with and all of the patches and holes make it even more hazardous.
  • Rt 82 And Rt 322 - West Brandywine
    the traffic backs up on rt 82 in both directions because of people turning. they need to change light on rt 82 so that they take turns to clear the backed up traffic.
  • Brandywine Plaza Marsh Road Elverson Pa - Chester County
    On marsh road east nantmeal township elverson road leading into buisness has several huge potholes all over making it hard to get to store without tearing car apart several calls to township have yielded no results except them putting in some stones that wash out after the first rainfall!
  • 680-718 Telegraph Rd Coatesville, PA 19320, USA - West Brandywine
    There's a section of the eastbound road, in front of the buffalo farm, along the right side, where the road is crumbling. It accumulates water when it rains and turns to a sheet of ice in the winter.
  • 393 Pennsylvania 345 Elverson, PA 19520, USA - Chester County
    There are always cars stopped along rte 345 buying firewood , this is a hazzard to everyone on this road! Does this person have a license to sell their goods is so they need bettetr parking for the business they run.
  • 3920 Morgantown Rd Mohnton, PA 19540, USA - US Congressional District PA6
    Vehicle accident / broken pole
    A04-54, 45'-3
  • Coates St Coatesville, Pennsylvania - Chester County