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  • pot hole Archived
    23 Rose Avenue Leacock-Leola-Bareville, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA16
    when you pull out the side of the road is bad like forming A pot hole sheet when you hit main street there on the right side of the lane on the road there
  • Pumpkin Hill Glenmoore, Pennsylvania - Chester County
    The state police have verified an illegal parking time limit sign has been imposed. The sign is not legal. Also a Speed limit sign should be put on Pumpkin Hill Road motorists drive 60+ miles per hour down this road with no regard for pedestrians.
  • Pot hole Archived
    2-3198 Main Street Morgantown, Pennsylvania - Morgantown
    There is a very large hole, can't miss it, but you should try to.
  • 200 Mountain View Road Morgantown, Pennsylvania - Morgantown
    many pot holes have turned into a very rough patch, some pipe work last year didn't help either.
  • 742 Collina Dr lewisberry, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA16
    Driveway and walk
  • Main Street Caernarvon Township, PA 19543, United States of America - US Congressional District PA6
    Cable cut box moreview blvd
  • 353-427 Bethesda Rd Elverson, PA 19520, USA - Chester County

    Its 2010 and we still cant get cable tv here. Even prisoners get cable tv...

    and there should also be some highspeed internet available

  • 1700 U.S. 322 Glenmoore, PA 19343, USA - West Brandywine
    need to time lights west bound 322 at rush hours
    at 5pm 30 cars back up
    big waste of time and gas!!
  • 600-602 West Main Street New Holland, Pennsylvania - New Holland
    There are lots of pot holes on rt. 23 going through New Holland. The worst ones are on main st in front of Case New Holland. There are also more down towards Ashlea Gardens. With the bad weather lately these holes have been getting worse and worse.
  • 2571 Valley View Rd Morgantown, PA - Morgantown
    There is a small creek that over-runs Valley View Road during heavy rains that will eventually cause road failure
  • 244 Maple St Honey Brook, PA 19344, USA - Chester County
    The bridge is higher than the road surface causing a dip on either side. Very annoying going over it. Like road surface is getting lower from bridge
  • 170-172 Warwick Rd Elverson, PA 19520, USA - Chester County
    Using Warwick Rd. as a shortcut between 23 and 345, speeding on Warwick Rd. is a major problem. The posted speed limit is 25, yet they fly through this little village! Many young children are at risk.