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  • 10 And 322 In Honey Brook Pa - Honey Brook
    Very long wait times and long lines at the lights on 10 and 322 in Honey Brook
  • 486-498 Hopewell Rd Elverson, PA 19520, USA - US Congressional District PA6
    when trying to pull out onto rt 345 from hopewell road, your view of oncoming traffic from the left is blocked by a big sign for hopewell furnace. to be able to see traffic, you have to pull out into the road. the sign needs to be moved before someone it causes an accident.
  • Telegraph Rd Coatesville, PA 19320, USA - West Brandywine
    There's a trench forming across the entire width of the road. Part of it was patched last month (thank you!), but it continues to get worse.
  • 261-287 Bulltown Rd Elverson, PA, 19520, USA - Chester County
    Please fix the potholes on bulltown rd just before you get to 23. Caused me a damaged rim and flat tire last night in the freezing cold. I see this request is already in here, not sure why it’s not taken care of as it’s been there for some time and a few are very large!!!
  • Icedale Road Honey Brook, Pa - Chester County
    Icedale bridge just off of Rt 322 is shut down by West Brandywine Township due to their defined safety issues. Only way out is suspect to flooding thereby leaving all trapped until flooding issues subside.
  • pothole Open
    1937-1961 Main Street Narvon, Pennsylvania - US Congressional District PA16
    pothole in eastbound lane
  • 322 Glenmoore pa - West Brandywine
    Trees block the view of traffic light at 322 & 82. Watch the Daily Local News for the accident that is bound to happen!
  • Rt 82 An Rt 322 - West Brandywine
    lights need to be timed better or one lane at a time goes bad bad situation,
  • 290-348 Bulltown Rd Elverson, PA 19520, USA - Chester County
    theres a line of very bad potholes here right on the edge of the road. theyre in the northbound lanes right past stonewall golf course
  • 1739 Coldsprings Rd Pottstown, PA 19465, USA - Chester County
    road is being undercut by storm water along side of the road
  • 741 Telegraph Rd Coatesville, PA 19320, USA - West Brandywine
    Visibility of the road to the west is blocked.
  • Rt 82 And Rt 322 Honey Brook, PA 19344, USA - West Brandywine
    this rt. 82 (north&south needs) a one lane at a time light that allows traffic to move smooth.