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Downtown San Jose, SCU, San Jose Mineta

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  • 400-446 State Highway 82 Santa Clara, CA 95050, USA - Santa Clara
    The four way cross stop sign on the corner of The Alameda and El Camino needs blinking crosswalk lights and blinking stop sign for pedestrians. There are too many cars trying to rush through to reach the light which has caused a few pedestrians to get hit. I have witness this happening and this needs to be fixed!
  • Almaden Blvd And San Fernando San Jose, CA - Downtown

    whenever I'm trying to turn left (north) onto almaden from San Fernando, the sensor never detects my bike requiring me to make a dangerous turn on a red arrow.

    Today the sensor didn't even detect cars in the lane, never giving them the green light.

  • 550 Newhall Drive San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    There are homeless people camping out in the parking lots at the Coleman landing center. They have moved from the side streets to the lots. They are panhandling for money and are creating an environment that is attracting more homeless RV/campers to park here. There is trash piles when they are parked for multiple days.
  • 801 Newhall St San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    This issue has come back. There are vans, RV's and trailers parked back near the tracks. Illegal dumping and vehicles with people sleeping over nightly. Not safe, the police have been called multiple times and there's no resolution. Disappointing.
  • 580-694 Newhall Street San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    Campers with people living in them are here again.
  • 1144 Coleman Avenue Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    Trash and pine needles are all over the sidewalk along Coleman
  • 200 E. Santa Clara St San Jose, CA - Downtown
    Issues in D6 not resolved. Abandoned shopping carts, lack of street sweeping, noisy motorcycles and boom cars, speeding traffic, litter at bus stops
  • 950 Newhall Street San Jose, CA - North San Jose
    There are now 9 campers in the neighborhood. This has to stop. Please help.
  • 190 Ryland St. San Jose, California - Downtown
    There are multiple homeless camps at both ends of Ryland St. (at the park and under the freeway overpass). The camp under the over pass has grown from one homeless person to at least three and they have taken over the entire sidewalk.
    There are also multiple RV's and vans in various stages of disrepair that are parked along the street at all hours of the day with people living in them. The RV owners have opened street lights on Santa Teresa and tapped into their wiring for power to their vehicles.
    The area is becoming dirty, unpleasant, and unsafe to walk through, even during the day.
  • 801 Newhall St San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    The camper with people living in it is back.
  • Dumping trash Archived
    1067 Chestnut Street San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    Along the inside Coleman Landing shopping center on the inner sidewalk near Starbucks and in n out-- trash thrown everywhere.
  • 696-848 Newhall St San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    It appears that the fence has been peeled back and is being used as a door. There is also trash all over the inside of the opening. Looks like a homeless spot.