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  • Forbes Ave New Haven, CT 00 - Annex

    Be very careful crossing the tracks on your bike. Go slow and cross perpendicular to the rails. Signage is desperately needed. See http://groups.yahoo.com/group/elmcitycycling/message/8023


  • Entrance To Front St Off Middletown Ave - Chatham Square
    The entrance to Front Street from Middletown Ave/Rt 80 is a dump. It is an underpass filled with weeds, garbage, tags. It is dark, always, making it dangerous. And the fence, allowing anyone access to the river, is broken in several places. Isn't this DOT's responsibility? And what does this entrance say about our neighborhood - one which we are trying to revitalize... The new Q terrace looks great, but it is adjacent to a dump.
  • 297 Wallace St New Haven, CT 06511 - Mill River
    Here's some analysis I did for a school project (see images; click to enlarge).
    You can help fund a huge photo mural at this location by donating here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/milesl/inside-out-nhv?ref=live
  • 1055-1079 State St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    The State St. Bridge, over the Mill River, is now going on two years past its completion date. The city engineering department claimed that they would start working on a plan, in December 2011, to solve the water pollution issue, which has delayed the bridge reconstruction. Any progress on that plan?
    Because State St. is closed, and Trumbull St. is now only one way, heading West, Willow St. has become a traffic nightmare and a public safety issue.
    On Tuesday evening, because of the city's poor planning, the usual evening traffic jam, on Willow St. caused a major public safety issue, when two New Haven police cars, heading West (on Willow), and two New Haven Fire trucks, heading East (also on Willow), were stuck for at least five minutes, while car commuters totally blocked both lanes, preventing anyone from moving. Willow St. cannot handle thousands of cars per day. The noise pollution, air pollution, speeding, traffic jams and blocking emergency vehicles needs to stop.
    The city needs to get its @ss in gear and fix the State St. Bridge.
  • 40 Sargeant Drive New Haven, CT - Long Wharf

    the comments posted on most of the stories i've read are incredibly offensive on the registers articles. many do nothing to promote dialogue and only attempt to attack people. it is mostly anonymous and negative ranting. it is far from constructive.

    many online news sources require that comments are reviewed by a moderator before they are actually posted.

    does the register not believe that they are responsible for the way that commenters use their site?

  • 249 Humphrey St New Haven, CT - Bishop-Hine

    I ride this route often and feel that a bike route from Clinton Avenue, across Lombard and Humphrey to Orange, continues to be sorely needed.

    I feel that this issue should remain open until a route that all persons -- age 8 to 80 -- feel comfortable riding their bikes on. Although sharrows are a minor improvement over nothing, adding sharrows to the road simply does not do that.

    65 people previously voted on this issue: "Bike lane needed from Clinton Avenue to Orange Street," but that issue is being closed because sharrows have been installed. http://www.seeclickfix.com/issues/8658-bike-lane-needed-from-clinton-avenue-to-orange-street

    Sharrows are ineffective at increasing cycling rates unless speeds are reduced to 20MPH.

    Portland, OR, and New York City, NY, are currently doing this along hundreds of miles of their residential streets.

    Studies show that very few people will feel comfortable bicycling on roads unless speeds are strictly capped at 20MPH -- no matter what kind of paint you have on the road.

    Achieving these average speeds along bike routes can be done through various traffic calming and traffic engineering methods. Berkeley has pioneered this decades ago this with its "bicycle boulevards," and many cities have since followed.
    It is best to call them "slow streets", since they have a tremendous benefit for pedestrians and property owners as well.

    The sharrows here should be replaced with street engineering that meets the standards of the NACTO -- whether bike lanes, buffered bike lanes, traffic calmed boulevards, or some other feature: http://nacto.org/cities-for-cycling/design-guide/ .

  • 703-753 State St New Haven, CT - Downtown
    Watch or Watcher and Bump destroyed the mural. They are writing DOA along with their tags. We are going to try and raise some extra money to resolve this. Worst case scenario is we get some extra days to hang out together and wheat paste.
  • Interstate 91 New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock

    There has been no update from the State or the City on timeline for opening the bridge which is long past due. Work has not happened in a while either.

    Small businesses on State Street are being effected by this and neighbors are not being kept informed.

  • Interstate 91 New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Quinnipiac
    A toxic smell intermittently between exit 8 and 9 on I-91.
    Smells like some form of acetate.
    Been reported to both state and town. No response. Somebody is dumping or venting some toxin.
  • 1080 State Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    this is pretty ridiculous with everyone saying that the reason why its taking so long is because of contamination and they need to be careful with drilling the beams near the 91 beams not to damage anything all those excuses would be okay if someone was working there today what's going on anyone know.
  • abandon house Archived
    575 Blatchley Ave New Haven, CT 00 - East Rock
    This house lookas like it has been abandoned.
  • State St New Haven, CT 00 - East Rock
    It would be excellent if this area could become more open to public and cleaned up.
    People fish here all the time but they have to enter from behind the rink because there is a fence on State Street.