Redlands Public Works

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This is most of the city of Redlands, CA

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  • 1325 Fulbright Ave Redlands, CA 92373, USA - Redlands
    Parks here everynight, weekend and holidays, past 72 hrs....
  • 1690 Barton Road Redlands, CA 92373, USA - Redlands
    This parkway is continually reported for weeds. The owner of the property had never planted the area. It is an eyesore yo the community
  • 202-206 E Sunset Dr N Redlands, CA 92373, USA - Redlands
  • 520 Hibiscus Dr Redlands, California - Redlands
    Alot of property crime committed in this area lately. Breaking into cars, storage units, and even locked mailboxes are one the menu! The city needs to start paying more attention to these ever increasing number of street people who are commiting crimes and dragging down the community! Everyone who lives here knows who the people are and where to find them when not committing crimes and throwing trash around but I never see RPD making contact with them. I moved from Highland to get away from this but apparently I'm going to have to move again how sad. Redlands used to be so nice!
  • 819-999 West San Bernardino Avenue Redlands, CA 92374, USA - Redlands
    Potholes and uneven road pavement East of the 210 on San Bernardino Ave.
  • Potholes Archived
    205 E Sunset Drive North Redlands, CA 92373, USA - Redlands
    There are several large chunks of asphalt breaking out of the street between 209 and 217 E Sunset Drive N. These are mostly on the westbound side of the street.
  • pothole Archived
    35 Cajon St Redlands, CA 92373 - Redlands
    pothole in middle of street
  • No issue Archived
    734 Church St Redlands, CA - Redlands
  • 217-299 E Sunset Dr N Redlands, CA 92373, USA - Redlands
    Just east of Ford right in the middle of the street. Also, the north edge of the street is pretty broken up since there is no gutter or curb.
  • Lost Mind Archived
    250-484 New York St Redlands, CA 92373, USA - Redlands
    Everywhere Pink Elephants are rioting
  • 564 Or 546 E Mariposa Redlands, CA - Redlands
    There is a deep pothole in front of this address. Evidence of previous repairs. It is on the curve of the road so it is hard to miss.
  • 47 Highland Ave Randolph, ma - Redlands
    the entrance to highland,house properties has been plowed. the snow has been pushed to the right, therefore making it impossible to walk on the sidewalk. students and pedestrians will be forced to walk in the street, this is directly across from Shaws right at the traffic light. very dangerous for pedestrians