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  • huge bumps Archived
    2301-2599 New Raleigh Hwy Durham, NC 27703, USA - Durham County
    there are two huge bumps, one in the left lane and one in the right lane. the bumps make drivers slam on brakes and swerve into other lanes. it's really dangerous.
  • Sign Down Archived
    2900-2958 Idlewood Village Drive Raleigh, NC 27610, USA - South
    The street sign is mounted a good distance back from the intersection, making it extremely difficult for southbound Sanderford Road traffic to see it until right on top of it
  • Pothole Archived
    821 Cranbrook Rd. Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks
    street repair was done after street had been dug up but now is sinking and since it is right after a speed bump vehicles are bottoming out as they go over the speed bump and hit this low area of the road. It needs to be resurfaced and made level with the rest of the road
  • Pothole Archived
    Six Forks Rd And Northbrook Dr Raleigh, North Carolina - Six Forks Corridor
    The 3 or 4 manholes between Northbrook Dr. and Northwood Dr. on Six Forks Rd. heading north have sunk to about 4 inches below the road surface and therefore create a road hazard and can damage steering on vehicles as they hit these depressions. Manholes need to be raised and made level with the road.
  • 6852 Piershill Lane Cary, NC - Wake County
    The street light in front of my house, just behind our mailbox is out. It comes on sometimes and is off sometimes. It is almost as if it is on a sensor. I reported it prior to Christmas along with some others. The others are fixed but this one is still out
  • 4400-4418 Poole Rd Raleigh, North Carolina - Southeast
    Street light out
  • 4888-4986 Poole Rd Raleigh, North Carolina - Southeast
    Street light out at corner of Poole Rd and Old Poole Road.
  • Pothole Open
    1301-1333 Trailwood Drive Raleigh, North Carolina - West
    There is a large pothole on the outside edge of the road on the northbound side
  • 701-827 Nowell Road Raleigh, North Carolina - West
    On Saturday night, someone dumped a queen size mattress in the northbound lane of Nowell Road. Someone moved it to the shoulder, where it is now laying as an eyesore. Would it be possible for the city to pick it up?