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  • 1240 Brace Road Cherry Hill, NJ - Barclay-Kingston
    The lack of proper lighting along Brace Road. from The Coastline Restaurant all along Brace Road leading up to the Intersection of RT 70. Only a matter of time until an accident occurs,most likely during a downpour or blizzard.
  • 400-402 Kresson Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, USA - Barclay-Kingston
    A traffic light at the intersection of Kresson and Pearl Croft Roads, across from Johnson Elementary School, should have a traffic light, with pedestrian signals as well. Brighter painted crosswalks and more sidewalks should be installed.
  • 121 Covered Bridge Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, USA - Barclay-Kingston
    Covered Bridge Road is in need of repair, it is the entire street
  • 1920 Frontage Road Cherry hill Camden county, NJ - Barclay-Kingston
    I have to drive on wrong side of road to avoid driving into these pot holes that are getting bigger by the day.
  • 310 Covered Bridge Rd Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, USA - Barclay-Kingston
    There are potholes and the road is crumbling apart. It is getting worse and worse each year. Repave the whole stretch of Cover Bridge Rd from the bridge to Rt 70 at least.
  • 1307 Paddock Way - Barclay-Kingston
    August 2010-- road construction in the works! Hurrah!
  • 2 Wayland Road Cherry Hill, New Jersey - Barclay-Kingston
    We have a lot of speeders on Wayland Road, Cherry Hill, NJ. The 25 MPH on the road in front of house number 2 Wayland Road has faded where you can hardly see it. It needs to be Re- Painted over it. It helped speeding until it faded. Please Re- Paint it. Thank you, Pamela A.
  • Kresson Road-Cherry Hill NJ 08034 - Barclay-Kingston
    Horrific craters at Johnson School-Kresson Rd in Cherry Hill with poor driveway access and dangerous holes and unfinished road surfaces
  • 1047-1049 Chelton Pkwy Cherry Hill, NJ 08034, USA - Barclay-Kingston
    When is this dangerous intersection of Abington, Kingston, Rt 70, Chelton PKy gonna get fixed?
    Everyday, seven days a week it is a traffic horror. I have seen the worst of the worst road rage here.
  • Avon Rd Cherry Hill - Barclay-Kingston
    sildwalks in need of repair
  • Evesham Road; Off Route 73 - Barclay-Kingston
    Evesham Road off of Route 73 going towards Somerdale is awful. Please fix. Ambulance rides on the route a lot being that provides easy access to Virtua Voorhees and Marlton. Don't want the sick patients riding in the ambulance to have that much of a roller-coaster ride, do you?
  • Nicholson Rd And White Horse Pike Audubon 08106 - Barclay-Kingston
    There are huge potholes located at the underpass on Nicholson Road and the White Horse Pike in Audubon. They are very hard to see until you go under the bridge and damage your tires and car.