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People trying to use route 28 Eastbound. People trying to walk on pavements. People trying to drive or clear their vehicles out. People trying to clear parking lots, sidewalks, or plowing.

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  • 100 -- 400 Blocks Of East Walnut Lane Philadelphia, PA - Germantown
    Daycare center serving 60 families on 300 block of East Walnut Lane is a nightmare to try to reach after a snow storm.
  • NO TRASH CANS Archived
    3201-3249 Ryan Ave Philadelphia, PA - Mayfair
    There is a 2.5 mile stretch called the "loop" were their aren't any trash cans. I've contacted Boyle and Henon's office months ago and haven't been promised anything yet. We have the trash cans, just need someone in the "Streets Dept" to tell them to collect it.
  • 2842 W Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA - Brewerytown
    This deli not only sells food but also those nice large 40 ounces of beer. It won't be such an issue if the patrons of Non-Stop Deli won't relieve themselves on 29th Street especially in front of residential homes where there are children. Please help the residents of 29th Street by Non-Stop Deli.
  • 2200 Saint Albans Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    This issue has been reported to the police on multiple occasions to no avail. The building on the eastern end of the 2200 block of Saint Albans is falling apart, with broken and boarded-up windows. Yet it still houses a suspicious-looking "Checks Cashed" store and several unsavory characters, while serving as the location for the ongoing, blatant and shameless sale of both drugs and sexual favors. This is unsightly, a fire hazard, and a drive-by waiting to happen, despite the police's nonchalance. Please help us stop this!
  • 1817 E York St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington

    Brickwork on curtain walls on E YORK ST and E BOSTON ST is failing. Brick dust on pavement. Holes in brickwork.

    70+ missing/damaged windows throughout complex

    Fire tower on E BOSTON ST has collapsed stairs and open entry door. This is unsecured and open to anyone to enter.

    Aluminum gate along JASPER ST side of complex is not secure, vagrants entering/leaving complex

    Presence of vagrants / fire hazard

    Missing roof structure on E YORK side of complex, in danger of collapse

    Unsecured elevator shafts in complex - death trap

    Large hole in fume tower on E BOSTON side of complex you can see through this hole into the building. Bricks above hole are shifting. Danger of wall collapse.

    Missing doors on JASPER ST fire tower. Fire escape decks poss. separating from structure. Poss. collapse hazard.

  • Blight Open
    740 South 18th Street Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    This house at the corner of 18th and Fitzwater is boarded up and a blight on the neighborhood. L&I should go out there and post one of their new pink notices to get the owner to clean it up or sell it. The owner owes $30,000 in back taxes as well.
  • 2030 East York St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington

    This issue was previously reported and the inspector came out but did not enter the residence.

    Raw sewage is being pumped from the basement out on the street. Chunks of toilet paper can be see floating along the curb and the smell is horrible. This has been going on for months and reported several times. The gutter is now covered in a sheet of sewage ice. The residents typically pump it out in the evenings but often leave the hose on the sidewalk.

    The inspector needs to gain entry and not just take the word of the resident.

  • 1700 Morris St Philadelphia, PA 19145, USA - Newbold neighborhood

    Di Silvestro Playground located at 1500 Morris Street in the Newbold part of Philadelphia has created chaos for the residences who live directly around the playground. Young males ranging from the ages of 10 to 20 have begun to sit on parked vehicles and on the steps of residences after playing basketball. In groups of 6 and more they practice fight each other and lean their bikes on the vehicles nearby. Many of them check to see if the doors of the cars are locked when loitering in front of private homes. Along with the damage left from the bikes, they sit on hoods and in empty pickup truck beds. You can clearly see a string of cars that have sneaker marks and indented hoods from the group of males. They are normally present from the hours of 3pm to 8pm.

    Another issue is the fact that they also climb on top of the roof of the community center currently under construction and the equipment containers. Since there is no mediator or authority at a playground filled of teenagers after school it becomes chaotic inside and immediately around the playground.

    They often film themselves fighting each other and their activities to glorify the gang like culture. As an example seen in a video on YouTube called “SOUTH PHILLY 15th STREET goonz ( K.WALKER )”

    Many immigrants on the westside 1700 block of 15th street have no voice as they accept that a large group of thugs sit in front of their homes without confrontation in fear of retaliation. They become trapped until these young males leave or continue to another step after leaving all their litter behind. I myself have asked them to politely move off my step and have been cursed at when doing so. Calling the police is useless as they just move when they yell 5O. There is no reasoning with these males, they lack tact and respect.

    None of these males live immediately around the playground so they have no respect for the area around it. Often they are playing basketball bouncing the ball way past midnight on nice nights in an unlit court as residence try to sleep for work the next day. There used to be a fence which closed the basketball court off afterhours but since the community center is under construction the caretaker of the playground is no longer around. As this is just the beginning of the summer the playground is subjected to FLASHMOB like conditions after school with no presents of authority.

    "We run south philly" qouted in the video.

  • 709 S. 23rd. St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Schuylkill Southwest
    This building has a history of putting their trash out early, I've been told 40 years, I've seen it for 15 over years. The residents have a history of putting their trash out in paper bags, not in the prescribed manor, in a haphazard way, and in an illegal manner. The entrance to the building faces the 2200 Block of Pemberton Street which is a PMBC Clean Block and has been so since August of 2008. We clean the street on a regular basis. Neighbors have asked nicely that they comply without result. Neighbors have called 311 on numerous occasions to no avail. Trash collection was missed Monday and they continue to add to the trash pile. We are waiting for enforcement.
  • 801 Catharine St. Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 932 S 23rd St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest
    The residents in the vicinity of 932 South 23rd street (I am not sure of the exact address but it is in this area) continue to ILLEGALLY reserve a parking spot. I have put a call into the 17th police district where they instructed me to call 911 to report it. I did make a report into 911 last night as I am fed up with seeing these residents reserve a spot that is open for public parking. These residents are not above the law and should follow the rules like everyone else.
  • 12th And Tasker Philadelphia, PA - Passyunk Square

    There's a black Mercedes SUV that everyday is parked either in the crosswalk, or in between the crosswalk and the parking sign on the southeast corner. it has florida license plate E89 4??. It also has a PA 'Police Business' sign on the dashboard. I'm not sure what police business it has blocking the cross walk for the past month (and more).

    Also, if you go into google street view, you can see it illegally parked in the crosswalk too! Who knows old that is. I'm including that in the photo too.