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  • Mill Rd. Boothwyn PA - Boothwyn
    I'm concerned about the traffic on Mill Rd. in Upper Chichester. Please enforce the speed limit and reduce traffic to local residents.
  • Chichester Ave & Meetinghouse Rd Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Intersection was recently rebuilt with turning lanes, and new traffic lights were installed. Unfortunately, the traffic lights didn't including turning arrows, just standard 3 light traffic signals. Turning arrow signals need to be installed at the Chichester Avenue and Meetinghouse Road intersection.
  • 2312 Chichester Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Why does it take an HOUR to go from the overpass of i95 to the Wawa on Chichester avenue lately (when that route measures about 2/10ths if a MILE)? Traffic has NEVER been this SLOW. Someone must have mucked with the Meetinghouse traffic light. Going 2/10's of a mile in an HOUR is unacceptable. This problem started about 2 weeks ago; and it getting progressively worse. Its not construction in the area; (which IS an issue), it's something more; like some idiot decided to change the traffic light ratio on MeetingHouse. Disagree? Try to drive the road around 5PM from beginning to end. You'll die of old age before you ever see your destination. (to the architect of such a great design; I'll get your fireproof suit ready.. I'll be first; but, I'll keep your seat warm!)
  • 2609 Chichester Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Needs to have a turn signal which would most likely free up alot of traffic.
  • Larkin Rd. & 322 Boothwyn, PA - Boothwyn
    Heavy Traffic coming from Larkin square shopping center. NEED A Left Turn signal for drivers coming out of the shopping center.
  • 2101-2199 Redwood Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    When traffic backs up on Chi Ave from Meetinghouse Rd up to and past I-95, traffic routes through "the bypass". The posted 15MPH speed limit (and stop signs) are ignored along Beeson and Redwood Aves. Very aggressive driving in both directions, leaving neighborhood children at risk. Police presence, especially on Thursdays and Fridays, would decrease this very dangerous situation. Nice clock at Chi Ave & Meetinghouse Rd; but green arrow turning signal would have alleviated this problem.
  • 2400-2498 Blueball Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Blueball dead ends in a sharp v at Chi Ave, about 50 yards from the intersection of Meetinghouse Rd and Chichester Ave. cars and trucks leaving Blueball to make the left on Chi present a serious hazard. The corner is usually blind to the right because of vehicles in a commercial parking lot. It is also dangerous because vehicles turn from south Meetinghouse left onto Chi and are often surprised by vehicles inching out from Blueball to block traffic. This section of Blueball should be designated one way - in only to prevent any further problems.
  • 1643 Garnet Mine Rd. Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    hundreds of speeding drivers cut down our street to cut through and get around traffic on 322. speed limit is 35 but everyone goes 45-55 mph and over a hill where they cannot see and could not stop if there was an emergency or children crossing the road.
  • 2635 Chichester Ave Boothwyn, Pennsylvania - Boothwyn
    At 1:57pm today , a car.made a left out of the already traffic bound.produce junction near meetinghouse. Three signs say not to make this left but people do it every day.
  • Larkin Road And Chichester Ave Boothwyn Pa 19061 - Boothwyn
    Traffic light is timed wrong and will not change. Even during the night its slow.
  • 999 Pleasant Ave Boothwyn, PA 19061, USA - Boothwyn
    Coming off of I-95 south at the Chi exit ( Pleasant ave.) the right turn lane onto Chi is now a Rt turn and cross over to get on I-95 south. This backs up traffic, sometimes back onto I-95. The right lane should be for turning right onto Chi and the left lane should be for turning left onto Chi and cross over to I-95 ( just as it was before the recent pattern change ). The left lane is rarely used because most travelers to Marcus Hook and Lower Chi take the prior 452 exit off of 95 South.