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  • Clogged Drain Archived
    7490 Forrer Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI14
  • 44 Michigan Ave Detroit, Michigan - Bedrock
    There is not enough clarification for Eastbound Lafayette at Griswold that it is NOT legal to drive through onto Michigan Avenue. As a result, when people are crossing Michigan Avenue when the crossing signal shows a a Walk sign, cars sometimes are coming right at them from Lafayette. The rules are that cars are supposed to turn right only from both lanes (or can turn left from the second lane from 7 PM to 7 AM). But many drivers are unaware that driving straight through to Michigan Avenue from the second lane is not permitted since there are no markings on the road and minimal signage. This is extremely dangerous as there is often pedestrian traffic crossing Michigan Avenue.
  • Tree Issue Archived
    18886 Syracuse St Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI13
    Limbs down after rain like a week ago or so. Approximately at vacant lot 18886 Syracuse 48234
  • Potholes Archived
    Wayne State University 536-598 West Hancock Street, Detroit, MI 48201, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    Perfectly fine Pieces of sidewalk have been replaced by haphazard piles of gravel.
  • Elmwood Central Park - US Congressional District MI13
    Elmwood Park grass needs cutting, waste bins emptied, rotting benches removed and replaced, scattered tree limbs collected.
  • 627 Alexandrine St W Detroit, MI 48201, USA - US Congressional District MI13
    All streetlights work except this one just went out a month ago. Located in front of Springfield Lofts
  • Clogged Drain Archived
    19355 Shields Detroit, MI - US Congressional District MI13
    Sewerage backed up. Standing water on block filled with feces. Children playing in water.
  • Potholes Archived
    18821 Syracuse St Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI13
    Sinkhole in alley. Neighbor tells me it's been there for years. Over a foot deep. Has a "water and sewerage" sign placed on it. No work has been done. Behind home at 18821 Syracuse. Location not accessible by vehicle must walk through city owned vacant lot 18829 Syracuse.
  • Guilford And Southampton - US Congressional District MI13
    Scattered debris in vacant lot
  • Sinkhole Archived
    Labrosse Street Detroit, MI - US Congressional District MI13

    The street is narrow so many cars cannot pass through and are backing up in the middle of the road.

    There appears to be water that has eroded the ground underneath the cement and this will get exponentially worse each day, making the road unpassable.

  • Warren & Ann Arbor Trail - US Congressional District MI14
    very difficult/ dangerous to make left turns from warren onto ann arbor trail, especially eastbound warren to north ann arbor trail
  • Tree Issue Archived
    3910-3920 Bedford St Detroit, Michigan - US Congressional District MI13
    Dead tree in front of 3901 Bedford St Detroit 48224 has been dead for 5 years tree on side of house was cut that was living but dead tree was not cut stated someone would be out the next day but never returned on April 7th 2015 after rainstorm on April 9th 2015 flooding in basements occurred during to dead tree causing damage missing limbs etc tree is going to fall soon trying to prevent a hive disaster