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  • 518 Mac Arthur Ave San Jose, CA 95128, USA - Burbank

    Many speed through the neighborhood on MacArthur avenue. Other areas have addressed the similar situation with the use of the either speed mounds or turnabouts at intersections.

    The safety the children is a great concern.

  • 5011 Country Lane San Jose, CA - West San Jose
    Been out for 6 months.
  • 230 E San Salvador St San Jose, CA - Downtown

    At the intersection of 5th and San Salvador, many students and neighborhood pedestrians face a constant battle for safety while trying to cross San Salvador to reach the SJSU campus.

    At the intersection there is both heavy auto traffic due to the two parking garages in close proximity, and heavy foot traffic due to off campus student housing on adjacent blocks as well as the SJSU Park and Ride Shuttle stop.

  • Almaden Blvd And San Fernando San Jose, CA - Downtown

    whenever I'm trying to turn left (north) onto almaden from San Fernando, the sensor never detects my bike requiring me to make a dangerous turn on a red arrow.

    Today the sensor didn't even detect cars in the lane, never giving them the green light.

  • Phelan Ave San Jose, California - Fairgrounds
    All the lights on the right side of Phelan Ave between Senter Rd and Bevin Brook Dr are out. Here are the numbers on the street lights that are out;
    13 N 222, 13 N 223, 13 N 224, and 13 N 225.
  • Curtner And Union san jose, CA - Cambrian Park
    there may be a problem with a sensor as the lights don't change even when there is no north south traffic coming
  • 550 Newhall Drive San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    There are homeless people camping out in the parking lots at the Coleman landing center. They have moved from the side streets to the lots. They are panhandling for money and are creating an environment that is attracting more homeless RV/campers to park here. There is trash piles when they are parked for multiple days.
  • Woodside Lane San Jose, California - Evergreen
    WOODSIDE LANE is A residential street that has become A racetrack to some, and A shortcut for others to and from ABORN ROAD. Either way everyone speeds up n down this street! To the point where you can have your car totalled in a matter of seconds just pulling out of your driveway. It happened recently. Look it up. Please please help in this matter before someone gets seriously hurt or dies! Speeds have been clocked at up to 60mph!!!
  • graffiti Archived
    991 Saratoga Ave San Jose, California - West San Jose
  • 801 Newhall St San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    This issue has come back. There are vans, RV's and trailers parked back near the tracks. Illegal dumping and vehicles with people sleeping over nightly. Not safe, the police have been called multiple times and there's no resolution. Disappointing.
  • dumping Archived
    1320 Saratoga Ave San Jose, California - West San Jose
    illegal dumping not cleaned up
  • 1456 Greene Drive - West San Jose
    Needs to take down the christmas tree lights