North Natomas

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  • 2915 35th St. Sacramento, CA - North Oak Park
    Over the past month a huge pile of garbage/yard clippings collected on the corner of 4th Ave. & 35th St. in North Oak Park. Although the trash has been picked out of the pile (I assume by the merchants' association), this yard clippings are still there. It would be most appreciated if the city would have it removed.
  • O Street P St Alley Sacramento, CA 95814, USA - Downtown

    A 3 x 5' chunk of the alley concrete is broken and wobbles when you step on it.

    In the O-P alley behind 1100 O St (Vallejo's Restaurant), about 10-20 feet east of 11th St, adjacent to the wall of the 11th St parking garage.

  • FIRE HAZARD Archived
    3129 Academy Way Sacramento, CA - Cannon Industrial Park
    Fire Hazard, because of the huge dry weeds on the uncleaned property. Please notify the owner to clean that property because it is unsafe for the neighbors.
  • 3439 22nd Ave Sacramento, CA - South Oak Park
    Trash pile is forming in the street at the open lot across from 3439 22nd Ave.
  • abandon car Archived
    4946 Westlake Parkway Sacramento, CA 95835, USA - Westlake
    car has not moved
  • Kokomo Dr Sacramento, CA - Creekside
  • 7484 Rio Mondego Drive Sacramento, CA 95831, USA - East Sacramento
    Water meter's were installed on my block last week. On Saturday our sprinklers were scheduled to turn on, at this time we discovered that one of our sprinklers just above the corner where the concrete was dug up and the sprinkler head meet. We would like this replaced as the entire head is broken down into the base of the sprinkler.
  • Dip in street Archived
    1487 8th St Sacramento, CA 95814 - Downtown
    The right side of 8th street just north of O has a big dip in it caused by busses rolling in. The dip is a hazard for cyclists and possibly cars
  • 3556 22nd Avenue Sacramento, CA - South Oak Park
    Trash & Debris in Vacant Property front yard. Pile of trash in gutter on adjacent corner (east of 36th street). 2 Sofas in gutter across from this property (south on 36th Street)
  • 1700-1748 23rd St Sacramento, CA 95816, USA - Midtown
  • 1526 H Street Sacramento, CA - Mansion Flats
    Three adjacent streetlights were out last night on H Street near 16th Street, right in front of the Clarion Hotel and the Governor's Mansion
  • 1536 48th St Sacramento, CA 95819, USA - East Sacramento
    Real estate sign in violation of city ordinance which allows Only one sign per property for sale. This sign (with directional arrow) is posted on busy street half block away from property for sale.