North Natomas

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  • 3401 22nd Ave Sacramento, CA - South Oak Park
    A growing pile of trash and yard waste has been dumped next to the 21st/22nd Avenue Alley entrance. Please seek cleanup of this road hazard.
  • 7484 Rio Mondego Drive Sacramento, CA 95831, USA - East Sacramento
    Water meter's were installed on my block last week. On Saturday our sprinklers were scheduled to turn on, at this time we discovered that one of our sprinklers just above the corner where the concrete was dug up and the sprinkler head meet. We would like this replaced as the entire head is broken down into the base of the sprinkler.
  • 2800 Club Center Dr Sacramento, CA - Creekside

    Several large boulders strategically placed on side of flood control channel's slope have been washed away exposing the bare soil. Left alone, additional rain and channel flow will further erode channel's banks, causing further damage and possible flooding.

    Flood channel's bank needs to be repaired, including boulder replacement.

  • 3001 Mabry Dr Sacramento, CA - Village 7

    There is an opened maintenance door to the underground water run-off system that discharges to the flood canal. This can be a safety issue as small children can enter unsupervised and get lost or hurt without the ability to call for help. Please close and lock.

    In addition, the hillside next to the maintenance door is eroding as the rip-rap is missing. Please correct to prevent further erosion, ground water contamination, undermining, and possible flooding.

  • 2891 Unity Point Avenue Sacramento, CA - Willowcreek

    One of the tennis courts tennis net is missing for two weeks now. Taken down by a group of people playing soccer in the evenings on Mon-Wed. Could you please fix the nets and let sheriff know about misuse of the courts.

    - Still NOT FIXED - 30 days and Counting! Would take 1 hour to fix at the most!

  • 4200 Duckhorn Drive Sacramento, California - Village 2
  • Sutterville Bypass Sacramento, CA 95818, USA - Curtis Park

    Illegal dumping

    underneath overpass at 12th ave and pacific st. Mattress and boxspring, wicker chair. Sutterville Bypass,Sacramento,CA 95818,USA

    Vacume and 17 tires have been added to pile.

  • Dip in street Archived
    1487 8th St Sacramento, CA 95814 - Downtown
    The right side of 8th street just north of O has a big dip in it caused by busses rolling in. The dip is a hazard for cyclists and possibly cars
  • 1526 H Street Sacramento, CA - Mansion Flats
    Three adjacent streetlights were out last night on H Street near 16th Street, right in front of the Clarion Hotel and the Governor's Mansion
  • 257 329 Mac Arthur St Sacramento, CA 95838, USA - Parker Homes

    I'd like to report two cases of illegal dumping in my neighborhood (zip: 95838).

    Location one: At MacArthur St and Chennault Ct., someone has dropped off two couches/chairs and a mattress.
    Location Two: One block down at MacArthur and Stillwell is another couch.

    Both piles have been there for almost two months.

    Is it possible to get a "No Illegal Dumping" sign?

  • 3556 22nd Avenue Sacramento, CA - South Oak Park
    Trash & Debris in Vacant Property front yard. Pile of trash in gutter on adjacent corner (east of 36th street). 2 Sofas in gutter across from this property (south on 36th Street)
  • 69 Ave/ Lomaverda Sacramento, CA - Meadowview
    gang writing