North Natomas

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  • 1536 48th St Sacramento, CA 95819, USA - East Sacramento
    Real estate sign in violation of city ordinance which allows Only one sign per property for sale. This sign (with directional arrow) is posted on busy street half block away from property for sale.
  • 69 Ave/ Lomaverda Sacramento, CA - Meadowview
    gang writing
  • Sutterville Bypass Sacramento, CA 95818, USA - Curtis Park

    Illegal dumping

    underneath overpass at 12th ave and pacific st. Mattress and boxspring, wicker chair. Sutterville Bypass,Sacramento,CA 95818,USA

    Vacume and 17 tires have been added to pile.

  • 3401 22nd Ave Sacramento, CA - South Oak Park
    A growing pile of trash and yard waste has been dumped next to the 21st/22nd Avenue Alley entrance. Please seek cleanup of this road hazard.
  • 3001 Mabry Dr Sacramento, CA - Village 7

    There are two pedestrian paths that run parallel to each other but intersect Mabry Drive near the intersection of Mabry and Uccello Way. The eastern pedestrian path has proper safety signage (i.e., pedestrian crossing sign and painted crosswalk) on Mabry alerting drivers to pedestrian crossing the street in the cross walk. In addition, the eastern path has a double yellow line on Mabry preventing cars from passing in this crosswalk area.

    Several yards to the west, the sister pedestrian pathway has no signage alerting drivers to pedestrians crossing Mabry. There is no painted crosswalk on Mabry for the west bound pedestrian walkway. Finally, there is no double yellow line on this section of the road, allowing drivers to potentially pass in a already complex intersection with pedestrians.

    Please note, that this is a MAIN thoroughfare for many small children on their bikes on their way to/from school (H. Allen Hight Elementary School). Many high school students at Inderkum use these pathways too for traveling to and from school. Many adults use both pathways for running and biking as well as many elderly. It is imperative for everyone's safety, including drivers, that the proper safety signage and road markings exists for both paths. Please realize that trying to redirect everyone to one path is non-practical as there are many small children that will not understand and adhere to that methodology.

    The same issue exists for the pedestrian paths when the intersect Club Center Drive. The entire "safety integrity" of both pedestrian paths should be evaluated and analyzed for consistency and adherence to safety regulations.

    All of this information can be substantiated with the satellite view in Google Earth.

    Please correct immediately.

  • Del Paso Blvd Calvados Ave Alley Sacramento, CA 95815, USA - Old North Sacramento
    Furniture discarded.
  • trash Archived
    1910-1914 Urbana Way Sacramento, CA 95833, USA - South Natomas



  • Pacific St Sacramento, CA 95816, USA - Curtis Park
    Illegal Dumping of couch and bag of pillow under 12th st overpass on pacific st, next to overpass columns
  • R Street 16th And 17th Sacramento, CA - Land Park
    R Street at 16th, 17th Streets on the blocks approaching Safeway are poorly lighted and the road is very rough with many potholes. This portion of R street is used a lot by cars and people walking and biking.
  • 11 Klondike Crt Sacramento, CA - Natomas Park
    Upset that the yard collector left a mess. He saw me looking through the window too and didn't bother. I was so @#$% off. If I can get my trash in the can, you can at least take it all. Thank you for the extra work that you just gave me. I waited for 311 for 20 minutes to have someone hang up on me. Upset.... yes I am.
  • Fire Hazard Archived
    3119 Academy Way Sacramento, CA 95815, USA - Cannon Industrial Park
    huge weeds, empty lot uncleaned with potential fire hazard and danger for the nearby buildings...
  • Illegal Dumping Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA - East Sacramento
    Refrigerator left on sidewalk for more than week.