North Natomas

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  • Illegal Dumping Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA - East Sacramento
    Refrigerator left on sidewalk for more than week.
  • 6701 63rd Street Sacramento, CA 95828, USA - Sacramento
    Weeds and blackberry bushes in and on canal bank on south side of mobile home park are growing into our fencing and need to be cut back and killed.
  • 610 23rd St Sacramento, CA - Boulevard Park
    the street light in the F/G street alley is out and makes the alley very dark at night.
    the alley is next to 614 23rd street
  • Fire Hazard Archived
    3119 Academy Way Sacramento, CA 95815, USA - Cannon Industrial Park
    huge weeds, empty lot uncleaned with potential fire hazard and danger for the nearby buildings...
  • 7601 Masters Street Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA - Colonial Manor
    A BMW with several flat tires has been stored on the driveway for a year.
  • 7667 Laguna Vega Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA - Curtis Park
    Large branches cut from trees left in the street for a month.
  • graffti Archived
    Mencia Ct Sacramento, CA 95816, USA - Gateway West
    Graffti sprayed on retaining walls on far northwest home, which is vacant.
  • Pacific St Sacramento, CA 95818, USA - Curtis Park
    Illegal Dumping: 2 mattresses, 2 tires, and 2 pets in platic bags (been there long time), underneath the 12th ave overpass east of tracks on Pacific Ave connector
  • 110 Rick Heinrich Cir Sacramento, CA 95835, USA - Village 11
    The street light never stays on for more than a few minutes at a time. It leaves the end of the street extremely dark
  • Water Waste Archived
    1067 Millet Way Sacramento, CA - South Natomas
    Last night after 10pm the water was running on their property without a nosel. Lights off at the house, garage door closed, no one in sight. The lawn was flooded, water has run down to the sewers down the street. They wash a variety of cars several times a week, leaving the hose running. They have a great disrespect for anything, as long as they can get away with it. I fear retaliation and will not give you my e-mail address.
  • 2530 Santz Crus Way Sacramento, CA - North Oak Park
    Sofa and tires have been dumping in the street on Santa Cruz Way just south of 'Y' Street.
  • Repoter Archived
    3335 May St. Sacramento, CA - Hagginwood
    Power theft for about 2 years.