North Natomas

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  • barking dog Archived
    2521 23rd Ave Sacramento, CA - North City Farms
    This dog barks constantly. When people that live in the house leave, they leave the dog out front and it barks constantly. Can't sit with front door open cuz this dog barks always. Cannot go out front without dog barking.
  • 159 River Run Cir Sacramento, CA 95833, USA - South Natomas
    cook shed that I am tired of looking at sticking up over fence. second complaint.
  • 7667 Laguna Vega Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA - Curtis Park
    Large branches cut from trees left in the street for a month.
  • V St W St Alley Sacramento, CA 95818, USA - Southside Park
    A refrigerator was dumped behind The Met High School
  • Power Outage Archived
    5227 Carrington St Sacramento, CA 95819, USA - River Park
    Power off at 11:48 flashed back on then off again, remains off. Looks like entire street including street lights are out
  • Glenbrook Park Sacramento, CA - College Glen
    Reported it year ago and now it's completely broken.
  • 7727 Masters Street Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA - Colonial Manor
    Large branches cut from trees have been left in the street for more than a week.
  • 2530 Santz Crus Way Sacramento, CA - North Oak Park
    Sofa and tires have been dumping in the street on Santa Cruz Way just south of 'Y' Street.
  • 8730 Jocelyn Way Elk Grove, CA 95758, USA - East Sacramento
    Corner lot completely overtaken with weeds at some points to knee level. Almost no grass left.
  • 5730 24th Street Sacramento, CA - Mangan Park
    the window at the front of building one at the corpyard got hit with a rotten egg and broke.
  • Water Waste Archived
    1067 Millet Way Sacramento, CA - South Natomas
    Last night after 10pm the water was running on their property without a nosel. Lights off at the house, garage door closed, no one in sight. The lawn was flooded, water has run down to the sewers down the street. They wash a variety of cars several times a week, leaving the hose running. They have a great disrespect for anything, as long as they can get away with it. I fear retaliation and will not give you my e-mail address.
  • 2700 Norwood Sacramento, CA - East Sacramento
    home has been sitting vacant for several months is now open