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  • 608 Oldhm Way San Jose, CA 95111 - Fairgrounds
    This street light had been out seen Nov 2012 , please help to fixed , light pole # 140210 is on senter rd ( between Oldham & dadis way) thank you , thank you for your help
  • 1144 Coleman Avenue Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    Trash and pine needles are all over the sidewalk along Coleman
  • graffiti Archived
    1066 Saratoga Ave. San Jose California - West San Jose
  • 200 E. Santa Clara St San Jose, CA - Downtown
    Issues in D6 not resolved. Abandoned shopping carts, lack of street sweeping, noisy motorcycles and boom cars, speeding traffic, litter at bus stops
  • 1300 Essex Way San Jose, CA - West San Jose
    west side of street first light on the block coming off of Payne Ave.
  • 1777 Hillsdale Ave San Jose, CA 95124, USA - Cambrian Park
    Black spray paint on wall
  • 8 Curtner Ave San Jose, CA 95125 - Fairgrounds
    Pothole on Tully Rd at Monterey Intersection
    High traffic causes the hole to get bigger and bigger. Cars avoiding it will cause accidents on heavy time periods.
  • Menker And Scott San Jose, CA 95128, USA - Rose Garden
    Buena Vista Park- I took my kids to the park for a picnic and to play at the playground and the cars driving by were very loud, booming their car stereos. As I was walking back home on Scott St, the loud cars were driving by. Is the police ticketing these cars?
  • Scott And Menker Ave San Jose, CA 95128, USA - Rose Garden
    Abandoned shopping carts are a constant problem in Buena Vista Park. Carts are mostly from Food Maxx on Parkmoor Ave.
  • South Sunset Ave San Jose, CA 95122 - North Valley
    just an FYI in the last two months my vehicle has been robbed.first they stole a full 5gal gas can which was chained to the bed of my truck.the chain was no joke,they came prepared with intent.second occasion my passenger window was smashed in.they got away with a GPS and a twenty piece pick set(i am a licensed locksmith).no doubt they will be back.thank you.
  • 601-651 S Cypress Ave San Jose, CA 95117, USA - West San Jose
    Red light doesn't turn green until there's opposing vehicle.
  • 14885 Berry Way San Jose, CA 95124, USA - Cambrian Park
    A portable storage unit has been occupying the street for months.