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  • Guadalupe River Trail San Jose, CA 95113, USA - Downtown
    cups bottles. cans plastics
  • 909 Nevada Ave San Jose, CA 95125, USA - Willow Glen
    The street sign on the corner of Nevada and Curtiss ave is no longer readable.
  • 801 Newhall St San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    There are couches and junk thrown all over the dead end on newhall street behind lowes.
  • 696-848 Newhall St San Jose, CA 95110, USA - North San Jose
    It appears that the fence has been peeled back and is being used as a door. There is also trash all over the inside of the opening. Looks like a homeless spot.
  • 996 Byerley St San Jose, CA 95125 - Willow Glen
    There's an area of blacktop that is so deep, a pothole I guess, that dirt is coming through!
  • dog hit Archived
    1735 Seville Way San Jose, CA 95131 - North Valley
    Saw dog get hit by a car
  • California Pizza Kitchen San Jose - West San Jose
    I always see people parking their cars in front of the Valley Fair California Pizza Kitchen to pick up or drop off shoppers. This forces other cars to drive around them and blocking the view from oncoming vehicles and passengers crossing.
  • 2643 Toy Ln San Jose, CA - Evergreen
    the street light in front of 2631 toy ln is outage,
  • 2198 Almaden Rd San Jose, CA - Willow Glen
    sidewalk from end of curtner Village to Victorian homes missing
  • bad light Archived
    2319 Lanai Av San Jose, CA - East San Jose
    bad light please fix light post number 23 p 421
  • Mold Open
    74 6th Street sf, CA 94103, USA - Fairgrounds
    Ceiling in bathroon shower on fourth floor there is mold through out this hotel some areas are worse then others areas. buit it dose not seem to get looked out by anyone that can help the issues here, there are alot of ill people that live here as well as old people ,and noone needs to live in this stuff
  • Parkmoor Ave San Jose, CA 95128, USA - Rose Garden
    Litter and trash at #65 bus stop. No trash bin. Dirty gutters.