East Kensington

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Watching issues created after: 2011-01-31

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  • 1817 E York St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington

    Brickwork on curtain walls on E YORK ST and E BOSTON ST is failing. Brick dust on pavement. Holes in brickwork.

    70+ missing/damaged windows throughout complex

    Fire tower on E BOSTON ST has collapsed stairs and open entry door. This is unsecured and open to anyone to enter.

    Aluminum gate along JASPER ST side of complex is not secure, vagrants entering/leaving complex

    Presence of vagrants / fire hazard

    Missing roof structure on E YORK side of complex, in danger of collapse

    Unsecured elevator shafts in complex - death trap

    Large hole in fume tower on E BOSTON side of complex you can see through this hole into the building. Bricks above hole are shifting. Danger of wall collapse.

    Missing doors on JASPER ST fire tower. Fire escape decks poss. separating from structure. Poss. collapse hazard.

  • 2030 East York St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington

    This issue was previously reported and the inspector came out but did not enter the residence.

    Raw sewage is being pumped from the basement out on the street. Chunks of toilet paper can be see floating along the curb and the smell is horrible. This has been going on for months and reported several times. The gutter is now covered in a sheet of sewage ice. The residents typically pump it out in the evenings but often leave the hose on the sidewalk.

    The inspector needs to gain entry and not just take the word of the resident.

  • Corner Of Cumberland And Amber Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    There is a fenced in vacant lot at the corner of Cumberland and Amber. One of the gates - on Amber St. side -- has been unlocked and there is a stream of people going in and taking advantage of the overgrown weeds and trees to do drugs. Trash is also being dumped in there.
  • 2044 East Fletcher St. Philadelphia, Pa - Kensington
    Abandoned house attracting- drug users, dealers, prostitutes, and squatters
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 2029 East Cumberland Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Kensington
    Horrible odor is coming from 2029 east cumberland. surrounding neighbors have complained to family that lives there. not sure where to go with this
  • 2503 Emerald Street Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    The alley light off of Emerald St, between E Cumberland St and E Firth St has been buzzing for many months. It appears to have exposed wireds & looks to have been tampered with as well. This could be a serious fire hazard since a lot of vines are growing near the light.
  • 2086 E Cumberland St Philadelphia, PA 19125, USA - Kensington
    Loads of trash in front and side of private property
  • 2221 Amber St. Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Vacant house is repeatedly ransacked by thieves who tear off plywood covering windows and doors. Attracts squatters. Overgrown vines on power lines are a safety hazard; water pooling on roof breeds mosquitoes. House is a health and safety hazard to neighbors.
  • 2463 Amber St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    This was admitted by owner to L and I years ago at zoning meeting for the back garage. It was never remedied. There is open air drug dealing and use from this house.
  • 2020 E. Susquhanna Ave. Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Contractor cut a hole in the street and has not filled with dirt, put plywood on it and it's cracking from the SEPTA bus and cars going over it. Sidewalks not blocked off, holes and mud everywhere.
  • 2038 E Susquehanna Ave Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    Someone has been putting their household trashbags on the corner of Susquehanna and Coral. They are there constantly and are picked apart by pigeons and other critters, leaving a huge mess
  • Martha St Philadelphia, PA - Kensington
    From neighbors this is technically 2117 E. York, Old building with windows open bricks falling around edge/peaks of building (Frankford Ave Side of Bldg) peak of roof looks to bean leaning & has been leaning more recently - potential collapse/Hazardous condition