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  • Southbound Route 95 Right Hand Lane Prospect Park, PA - Prospect Park
    Appox. 1.3 miles southbound Rt. 95 far righthand lane before the rt420 off ramp the very righthand lane is buckled and is dangerious to the untrained motorist. It is a hazarded to anyone in this lane. It needs to be milled down ASAP !
  • 101-199 Amosland Rd Ridley, PA 19043, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Drivers use amosland to avoid the lights on MacDade. They do not stop. I almost been hit several times pulling out of my garage located between the two stop signs.
  • 8th And Prospect Ave - Prospect Park
  • 650-669 13th St Prospect Park, PA 19076, USA - Prospect Park
    No one stops for the stop sign on the corner of 13th and Pennsylvania Ave and cars are constantly speeding down 13th at very high rate of speed. There many kids who play on this street and its only a matter of time until someone gets hit by a car.
  • 1125 Folsom Avenue - Prospect Park
    Too many cars parked overnight without a permit. I thought Prospect Park had an ordinance for this??
  • 12th Ave To Mac Dade Blvd Prospect Park, PA - Prospect Park
    Speed limit has to be lowered please, or put in speed bumps. Too much traffic and it is residential.
  • Lawnton Terrace Holmes, PA 19043, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    high grass, tree limbs, trash, rocks, dirt, dog refuse, etc.
  • 401-499 Sylvan Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    People race up and down west winona ave and pay no attention to stop signs. Police say they don't have time to enforce tickets
  • Yard Open
    209-233 Glenside Ave Holmes, PA 19043, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    This yard has toys, tents, tools ALL over. The front door is always open and the trash just trickles out to the street. Not to mention the 20 people and 4 dogs they cram into those 2 bedroom units. Absolute filth. The township should make demand the front of the house be cleaned up or condemn it
  • 300-306 Holmes Road Holmes, PA 19043, USA - US Congressional District PA7

    When facing south on Holmes road toward Macdade, only one of the traffic lights will turn green when the opposing lights turn red. Only the lower left light will turn green, the upper center light stays red. This issue is intermittent but it seems to frequently happen in the morning about 6:15 am.

    2/24/2012 Update: The frequency has been lessened but the problem still exist. Remember the issue is intermittent with a random frequency.

  • 2306 Macdade Boulevard Holmes, PA 19043, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Light is both red and green at the same time looking at it from the Holmes rd side at the nail salon
  • 227-265 E Winona Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    We have a speed limit!!! Far to many cars drive both ways to dam fast and at this intersection there are three stop signs and very few cars even stop. We have a lot of children passing this area who live on these blocks and who are coming and going to Lower Park. Drivers need to get with the program before someone gets hurt.