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  • 665-699 Mohawk Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    They tore up part of the road to repair a sewer line and never fixed the road when they were done. They just put down dirt and a little blacktop. It's uneven and there are big holes. It's only going to get worse in the winter. It's so bad that people are driving all the way on the side to avoid it.
  • Devon Road Norwood, PA - Norwood
    Often i see thosee who drive at a high rate of speed on Devon Rd,signs are posted "watch children" obviously those offenders don't care about the children nor the rate of speed permitted in a residential area, this is not 95 or a drag strip
  • Chester Pk & Cleveland Av Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    police need to stop big rigs from comingg down cleveland ave, they are tearing up personal property and damaging trees
  • 300 398 Urban Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    There is a sinkhole about 12 inches in depth and about 18 inches in diamater. It is located on the right hand side of Urban avenue, about 10 feet in front of the stop sign.
  • 238 E Winona Ave Norwood, PA, 19074, USA - Norwood
    This is tyree stokes. In picture
    He shot me in your Norwood town on May 30th 2019. He still not behind bars . if you see this criminal coward please call police.
    Thank you
    Charlie Langan
  • 206 E Winona Ave Norwood, PA, 19074, USA - Norwood
    Tyree stokes is his name. Or his Facebook name: Nsu Ree. The rapper.
    I say the criminal coward.
    He shot me twice on May 30th 2019
    In basement of 206 e. Winona Norwood.
    If you see this coward please call police.
    Thank you
    Charlie Langan
  • 206e E Winona Ave Norwood, PA, 19074, USA - Norwood
    Anyone know the owner of 206 e winona Norwood.
    I think the owner should know what happened May 30 2019 at his rental property
    Charlie Langan
  • 500 Sylvan Ave Norwood, Pennsylvania - Norwood
    There needs to be a traffic light put up on Sylvan and Amosland road. Pedestrians have to take their lives in their hand trying to cross, and, additionally, the backlog of traffic is a hazard.
  • 1310-1598 West Amosland Road Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Prospect Park
    Trip hazard, concrete needs to be leveled. A runner tripped on the uneven pavement and was injured on the interboro school walk. Please fix. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  • Macdade Blvd & Holmes Rd Holmes, PA 19043, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Traffic light at Holmes and Mac Dade shows both red and green when sitting at the light on the nail salon side this has been an issue for months someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed since the building on the left blocks the view of Mac Dade when at the light
  • 200-298 Gesner Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    Gesner Ave has been a one way street for over a year now and traffic still comes down the street the wrong way DAILY!!! Someone is going to get seriously hurt!!