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  • 549 Amosland Road L Morton Pa. - US Congressional District PA7
    This problem has been here for years. Recently a child was assaulted by another child and sustained serious head injuries. Police never came. A year ago a child was taken to the e.r. with alcohol poisening. No police came for that one either. Drug baggies found on school playground. Kids hanging behind the school and in the woods smoking and drinking after dusk. If the police are going to sit parked this would be a good place for them. This needs to be fixed!
  • Drug dealing Archived
    201-299 Stanbridge Rd Ridley, PA 19043, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Young man resides in N.Philly and brings drugs to his mother's house to deal to our teens/ young adults. They walk into the backyard and do the dealing.
  • Amosland Rd And Chester Pike Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Prospect Park
    Penn Dot has been adjusting lanes up and down chester pike allowing for turning lanes, and new traffic lights and walk signs are being installed and this is all great but... WHY would you take the Green Turn Arrow Down at Amosland and Chester Pike....? That intersection is bad enough as is, and now they are going to take away the turn light? The other day traffic was backed up during the middle of the day all the way to 420. It doesn't look like this intersection can allow for a turn lane but even if it does, so many people use Amosland that there needs to be a turn light. We need this light to be changed back to a turn light or it needs to be set to allow one side of traffic to go at a time... So that the people turning on Amosland have more time to turn, which in turn would help clear traffic more efficiently on Chester Pike.
  • Sylvan Ave And Amosland Road Norwood Pa - Prospect Park
    At the entrance to Interboro High School on Amosland Road, this intersection backs up with traffic on Sylvan Avenue trying either to go straight into the school lot, or left to go towards Chester Pike with parents driving their children to school. It also backs up after a train has come as it's the only road out. Plus there is a lot of speeding on Amosland Road, even though it is a school zone. A traffic light would work well here. A high accident area also.
  • Norwood PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    wow how about the great leaf clean up we got for our tax money more than half are left behind to clog our sewers and slip and fall on drag in our cars thanks alot Norwood i guess we put the remainder in the trash? what a disgrace this town has become
  • There is no signs to indicate that Cedar is a ONE WAY street away from MacDade...especially to drivers leaving the diner parking lot! They constantly trun towards MacDade upon leaving the diner lot which is against the lawful direction of Cedar!It needs to be clearly marked that Cedar is ONE WAY & WRONG WAY signs posted so they can be seen...OR make it two way to the end of the diner parking lot...put a stop sign at MacDade and ONE WAY signs on Cedar towards the end of the diners parking lot. This is a VERY dangerious suituation that needs to be corrected before sombody gets hurt or worse!! Wake up Ridley Twp.!!
  • 1501-1599 Evans Ave Prospect Park, PA 19076, USA - Prospect Park
    Overnight permit parking not being enforced.
  • Crows Open
    7th Avenue Prospect Park, PA 19076, USA - Prospect Park
    There is a nest of crows located on 7th Avenue and Prospect Avenue that are attacking the squirrels, birds, etc. leaving the dead bodies for the homeowners.
  • 1310-1598 Amosland Rd Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Prospect Park
    kids and their cars are hanging in the high school parking lot at night - sometimes large crowds especially on weekends.
  • 200 Block Of Martin Lane - Norwood
    The stop signs at Martin Lane and Powell Lane are a waste of time. If the Boro would give me a camera, the amount of money they could make in fines would put the Boro in the black!!!
  • 1310-1598 Amosland Rd Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Prospect Park
    Since the school has changed the traffic pattern into the parking lot, people now speed up to make the left into the lot. People, EVEN TEACHERS, have almost hit students crossing Amosland within the's only a matter of time before someone is hit.
  • 301-373 Cedar Ave Holmes, PA 19043, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Many people cut down street ignoring 15 mph speed limit. Please stop the speeders before they hit a child. At least one person and plenty of cars have been hit, which could have been avoided if doing proper speed limit. Does someone need to die before any action is taken?