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  • Chester Pike And Amosland Rd Norwood, PA - Norwood
    there is a pothole right by the light in front of Griffith Funeral Home. it is getting bigger it needs to be fixed!
  • 571 Chester Pike Prospect Park, PA 19076, USA - Prospect Park
    Police speed down chester pike through Norwood at a very high rate of speed.
  • 300 Block Of Cedar Avenue Holmes, PA 19043 - US Congressional District PA7
    three vans that are used as storage sheds parked on street. NEVER move!
  • 310 Chester Pike Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
  • 206 E Winona Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    This small triangular split piece of Winona should be made and signed as a ONE WAY street on both sides. Cars and trucks going west DO NOT like to give way to oncoming east bound cars. The grass on the right scares them. They can safely go west on Winona and come around.
    Meanwile it is hazardous with cars parked on the right.
  • 700-798 Washington Ave Prospect Park, PA 19076, USA - Prospect Park
    On the corner of Washington Ave and Chester Pike is a used care dealership and a few stores that allow illegally parked cars on the sidewalks of Chester Pike making it very difficult to see any oncoming traffic when trying to turn left or right off of Washington Ave at the stop sign. It's dangerous.
  • 1642 Norwood Ave Prospect park, PA - Prospect Park
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 200-298 Seminole Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    There is a stop sign at this intersection of seminole and elmwood. Most people cruise right through it. Also several people park next to it instead of the 30 feet from it, and the corner of elmwood always has someone parked hanging over the corner.
  • 200-298 Gesner Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    Gesner Ave. has been a one way street for a year now. Cars still speed down it the wrong way. They also speed up it (speed limit is 15mph). Many cars hit the curb while speeding up the street. It is still very dangerous for the children..especially when cars are going the wrong way. Been reported to the police several times, to which their reply is they dont have time to monitor it. Their needs to be one way signs posted at the top of the street as well as no turn allowed signs. You really can't seet the Do not enter signs, when you are at the stop signs!! People who live on the street drive the wrong way on it , knowing you never see a cop!!
  • 238 Ridley Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    If your going to own a dog, take care of it. It's not fair to people working a 3rd shift to have to hear your crying dog all morning into the afternoon. Take it out for a walk instead of leaving it upstairs crying all day. Currently you are violating Norwoods ordinance for pets (I can hear your dog inside my house when the dog is in your house). Next step is to call animal control
  • 654-698 16th Ave Prospect Park, PA 19076, USA - Prospect Park
  • Holmes Road And Mac Dade (Wawa Store) - US Congressional District PA7
    Cars making a right turn onto MacDade from Holmes Road do not always stop at the red signal. They pull out in front of cars on MacDade that are signalling to enter the Wawa lot thinking the car will turn onto Holmes Road.