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  • 1642 Norwood Ave Prospect park, PA - Prospect Park
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 519-599 9th Ave Prospect Park, PA 19076, USA - Prospect Park
    A large dumpster has been left on the street for over 4 weeks. It blocks parking and is a hazard.
  • 1612 W Amosland Rd Prospect Park, Pennsylvania - Prospect Park
    is leaning and looks like it will topple over onto Amosland Road. I've emailed concerning this and no reply. I also emailed Delaware county and they said it is Prospect Park's responsibility
  • 649 Seneca Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    Seneca Ave. (From Mowhawk to Delaware Aves.) is a dangerous curve - especially when wet. Few actually stop at the posted signs, and there have been innumerable "close calls" with regard to accidents and failures to yield rights of way. My vehicle has been stuck because people do not adequately prepare to have to stop. I fear that it is only a matter of time before someone's child is struck.
  • Sylvan And Bruner Ave Glenolden, PA - Norwood
    Towing company illegally parking commercial truck on residential street. damaging lawns and knocking over street signs..owner called but no action taken
  • Prospect Park PA, USA - Prospect Park
    street sign on block is marked no trucks. all day long trucks fly down street as a shortcut to avoid the traffic light on 420 and 13th. same street the judge from prospect park lives.
  • Macdade Blvd & Holmes Rd Holmes, PA 19043, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Light facing wrong way and not synced up on Holmes rd side
  • Winona Avenue Norwood, Pennsylvania - Norwood
    Across the street from St. Gabriels Church there is a pothole/broken road. I already lost a tire on this. There is enough room for 2 cars to pass each other until you get to this part. Please fill it in with something.
  • 101-199 Printz Ave Norwood, PA 19074, USA - Norwood
    Isn't there a code against accumlating trash outside of the building. The children in the area refer to this area as the "junk yard". Right now there are a few hot water heaters and a lot of other rubish that has been there for several months. Can a borough official challenge the owners to clean up this area. Also, what can be done about the workers using the side of the building as a bathroom? I am sure they don't take a leak outside of their own house. Then again, maybe they do!
  • 200 Park Ave And Martin Lane Norwood Pa 19074 - Norwood
    People are Running stops signs in both directions of Martin Lane at Park Ave ,Norwood There are children and pets in area and people just cruise thru, some at high speed at the intersection from park ave to martin and martin to park ave norwood We Want it Stopped !! people warned ,ticketed etc ,
  • Chester Pike Norwood - Norwood
    cars goimg passed school bus with flashing red lights on
    this is happening in a boro that says it is strapped for cash. i have not done all the research on this but i believe if they would put a officer at the funeral home on chester pike an another at the toll house bar for one week before and after the scool busses pick up and drop off kids they would more then pay for the time the officers are there
    i personally have witnessed an average of two cars going passed the busses every day before and after school
  • 201-253 Glennside Ave Ridley, PA 19043, USA - US Congressional District PA7
    Drivers continue to use Glenside Ave as a short cut to avoid the traffic light at McDade and Holmes Ave. In order to beat the light these drivers are speeding down Glenside.We have small children on this street, also I've had close calls just getting in and out of my car as do other residents on Glenside. Something needs to be done, either install speedbumps or make Glenside Ave a one-way street.