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  • 42-102 Horadan Way Boston, MA 02120, USA - Mission Hill
    There was a no parking pole that was knocked off and removed by a group of male residents and now people park in that spot when they shouldnt be
  • 439 Main St Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
    Bike lanes that were less than one month old were removed.
  • Huge hump Acknowledged
    31 Prentiss St Boston, MA 02120, USA - Mission Hill
    There is a huge hump in the intersection of Prentiss St & Albert St.
  • 22-64 Interstate 93 Frontage Rd Boston, MA - South Boston
    This stretch of Frontage Road has been grated and remains unpaved for several months. Manhole covers and drainage grates are level with future paved street level and protrude sharply from current road surface. Yesterday I got a flat and damaged a wheel on the edge of a drainage cover. Could not avoid due to traffic conditions and jersey barrier. When will this stretch of road be repaved?
  • 260 Amory St Boston, MA 02130, USA - Roxbury
    Drivers speed up and down Amory St. and completely ignore crosswalk at Southwest Corridor near The Brewery.
  • hyde park, MA child street - Hyde Park
    nobody stops at the stop sign on chestnut and child street. too many cars speeding down child st.
  • noise Archived
    Harrison Avenue Boston, MA - South End
    Harrison street is becoming just way too noisy with people installing car alarms that go on and off all day/night . The city has to take measure against useless noises . What the point of an alarm anyway if it's on for nothing ??!!
  • Raleigh Street Boston, MA - Fenway-Kenmore
    The intersection of Raleigh Street & Bay State Road is very dangerous. There is no way for the drivers to see the incoming traffic from the stop sign. Moreover to make things worse, snow gets piled at this corner during the winter. A traffic engineering solution is needed before an accident happens
  • Left lane heading towards the Mass Ave. bridge, two in rapid succession that always cause brake slamming. I've seen a number of near accidents as cars swerve to avoid them.
  • 146 G St Boston, MA - South Boston
    The sign is gone and cars are going the wrong way on this street into on coming traffic.
  • graffitti Archived
    14-18 Wellington Street Boston, MA - South End
    New & old on the back of 410/412 Mass. Ave buildings is an eyesore to all the decks and windows that face the alley passage.
  • Sidewalk to small Acknowledged
    272 Dorchester Ave Boston, MA - South Boston
    With the pipe on the sidewalk (both sides) of the bridge it is difficult to navigate. It is impossible in the winter and forces pedestrians on the road. Can this be fixed?