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  • Cambridge St. At Bridge Over Charles - Allston-Brighton
    The sidewalk/bike path crosses Cambridge St. here, but there's no pedestrian crossing at all. No signal, and no good time to try and cross, so people have to guess and run for their lives. Joggers, walkers, bikers, families, students all have to make a mad dash and hope for the best.
  • 89 Cambridge Street Charlestown, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
    The right side of the road in front of Dunkin Donuts is lined off and supposed to be for bikes only instead 5 percent of traffic seems to use it as a personal lane to cut off other drivers stopped at the light. This is very dangerous for bikes and unsuspecting traffic. For some reason police never enforce the rules here.
  • Road needs to be comepletley repaved. Cannot even patch it.
  • 192 Tremont Street Boston, Massachusetts - Beacon Hill
    About two months ago, I reported this issue. The intersection box in Tremont and Boylston has a beeping intersection noise that is extremely loud and disruptive during unnecessarily late hours of the night. It repeats the sound, "Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait to Cross." and then beeps excessively. The students in my dorm buildings and surrounding apartments are complaining, and I really wish to resolve this issue once again! It would be most amazing if it were to be fixed asap as this is finals week :)
  • River St. Mattapan, Massachusetts - Mattapan
    Missing Bus stop sign.
    Location: River St. Opp. Gladeside Ave.
    Bus stop id.#: 583
  • Lighting Archived
    Bay St & Dewar St Boston MA 02125, USA - North Dorchester
    This street needs the lights upgraded ASAP. Once again this week there was a serious assault and battery. The same goes for Dewar Street. This is a very dangerous area, how sad with elderly residents living in the complex there.
  • 6 Greenough Ln Boston, MA 02113, USA - North End
    There are no trash barrels in the public park where people often eat and residents walk their dog.
  • 106 Dorchester Street - South Boston
    must stop the double parking in front of PS deli. this goes on all day long as people stop in the middle of the street to get their coffee. they block the right lane to the green arrow to continue on to east broadway. meter maids n police need to do their jobs! this is a huge problem when it takes 10 minutes to get through perkins square.
  • Scooter parking Acknowledged
    Ave De Lafayette Boston, MA - Downtown
    Has the issue of sidewalk parking by scooters been addressed? I was assessed a $65 ticket for parking on the sidewalk. While other unlicensed scooters were not assessed, the fact that I have properly licensed my bike encouraged ticketing. While ridership increases, to the great benefit of the city, reasonable parking options are not widely available. Is this topic earnestly under discussion? Are there plans to expand beyond the single area in Back Bay currently serving as the lone beacon of sense regarding this issue? I would like to be able to keep riding, keeping costs down and helping to alleviate traffic. All I ask is that I can park near work with a price tag commiserate with my vehicular impact, and not risk an outrageously priced parking violation. Thank you.
  • Tobin Memorial Bridge Boston, MA - Charlestown
    Pothole in Northbound tunnel in passing lane, 20-30 feet past merger on leftmost side of lane right as elevation starts to rise and bridge begins. Pothole is on or combined with a metal storm drain, bent both of my left wheels, front and rear with bad impact.
  • Bicycles Only? Hah! Acknowledged
    1844 Longfellow Bridge Boston, MA 02114, USA - Beacon Hill
    I bike twice daily across the Longfellow, over the past week with the warmer weather the amount of pedestrian traffic along the upstream, bicycle-only, side of the bridge has increased daily, and is beginning to cause safety issues with pedestrians blocking the full path and otherwise creating obstacles to avoid. It seems either some level of enforcement is needed or the signs might as well be taken down.