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  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    130-180 Storrow Dr Boston, Massachusetts - Fenway-Kenmore
    Under BU Bridge, both sides
  • 155-165 William T Morrissey Blvd Boston, MA 02125, USA - North Dorchester
    Cars not stopping at the lights here.
  • 295 K Street - South Boston
    It would be very helpful to have trash bins placed on K Street (especially closest to East Broadway, but also further down the street near Joseph's Bakery). I noticed that there are solar trash bins down near M Street Beach that seem to work very well at controlling litter being thrown on the sidewalk. It would be great if we could keep our streets litter free!!!
  • East Broadway And M - South Boston
    Construction in Southie continues from the summer and will go on into the Winter. Our Officers are great people but Its incredibly frustrating when they are seen on their cell phones- or chatting it up with their fellow workers and failing to pay attention to drivers-there have been numerous close calls especially with St. brigids Catholic School getting out.. This is OUR tax dollars we are paying them and it'd be nice if they paid attention ALL OF THE TIME
  • Boylston Station - Outbound Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108, United States of America - Beacon Hill
    There is no reasonable safe bike path around the Boston Common, the paths are wide and easy enough to make multi use, allow bikes in the park and put correct signage so that there will be no conflict
  • Panhandlers Archived
    100 152 Cambridge St Boston, MA 02134, USA - Allston-Brighton
    Panhandlers frequent this intersection and often walk amidst traffic during rush hour, creating potential for a dangerous accident.
  • 1 Harborside Dr Boston, MA 02128, USA - East Boston
    Entering East Boston sign hanging outside the Ted Williams tunnel has been hanging upside down for at least 2 months.
  • 2031 Commonwealth Avenue Boston, MA - Allston-Brighton
    This pole is leaning precariously and seems about to topple over. Please get this fixed!
  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    811 Massachusetts Avenue Boston, MA 02118, USA - South End
    Please get these flower vendors out of this intersection. They are selling in the street at car windows. It's not legal and it's not safe. On top of it the last thing this backed up intersection needs is another thing to slow cars down.
  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    201-231 Sydney St Boston, MA 02125, USA - North Dorchester
    Homeless use store front side walk for rest.
  • Dead Skunk Acknowledged
    Head Island Causeway Boston, MA - South Boston
    Dead skunk in the grass, just off the sidewalk