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  • 2600-3250 Michigan 59 Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    It is almost deadly sometimes how the entrance ramps and exts for I75 and M59 are set up. Potential fatal accidents waiting to happen
  • 1152-1298 S Adams Rd Rochester Hills, MI - Rochester Hills
    Very dangerous intersection and impossible to enter Adams from Butler even during non-rush hours times.
  • Rough road Archived
    2974 3298 W South Blvd Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA - Rochester Hills
    Dangerously rough road between Cooldige and Beech on eastbound S. Blvd. Cars often swerve into westbound lanes to avoid holes.
  • HORIBLE ROAD Archived
    2160-2198 Crooks Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA - Rochester Hills
    The road in between M-59 freeway and Hamlin Rd on Crooks. Its the worst in between the speedway and the shopping plaza. That road need to be fixed not just repaired. Its been like this for years.
  • Bridge Open
    University Dr. Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    The University Bridge over I-75 has nearly a speed bump on each side. If you go over the bridge at any speed over 25, your car gets jarred and some cars bottom out.
  • 411 Heights Rd Lake Orion, MI - Oakland County
    Starting from the crossroads of Heights & Lapeer st. (M-24) is where they should have sidewalks! Only HALF of Heights rd. does starting @ pine tree elementary. The half towards Lapeer st./M-24 doesn't! People have been killed on this road & yes it was the side without sidewalks! very sad...
  • Avon And Livernois - Rochester Hills
    there is always cars backed because the city is refusing to replace the bridge now everyone has to wait to turn right You end up sitting through 2-3 lights at any given time.
  • Heights Road lake orion, MI - US Congressional District MI9
    Speed limit just increased to 35MPH!!!The length of road between Pine Tree Rd and Lapeer Rd needs to have a sidewalk added. There have been children killed on this road due to lack of visiblity and such narrow shoulders along the road.
  • 3968-3998 W South Blvd Troy, MI 48309, USA - Rochester Hills
    turning right off Adam is
    getting to be really cracked
    up. Get it before it gets worse and thank you for doing such a good job on all the roads so far.
  • 2544 S Adams Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA - Rochester Hills
    With the construction of all of the shopping on the north/west side of Adams and the trail on the South/East side there are a lot of pedestrians and bicyclists that cross the road here. There is no safe way to get across the road and I expect that if there hasn't already been someone hit here, there will eventually be a fatal pedestrian accident here. A crossing light that only turns red when it is triggered by someone that wants to cross probably be the easiest and safest addition to this stretch of road.
  • 6490 S Rochester Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48306, USA - Rochester Hills
    The RCOC has the timing on this light so that drivers have NO idea when to turn. I've seen people turn left on bold reds because that's how they used to use the light. Yesterday (Jan 17) I was the third car of a long line of left turners and the light turned red before the SECOND car could go - and he went anyway. This is going to cause a MAJOR accident. They need to set the timing on the light and leave it that way - not change it all day long.
  • 2500 S Adams Rd Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA - Rochester Hills
    In times of higher traffic volumes, it can be almost impossible and/or dangerous to enter the westbound M59 entrance ramp from the northbound Adams road left turn lane (turn around). Either southbound traffic on Adams is coming at speed, or vehicles turning south on Adams from eastbound Hamlin (many from westbound M59 exit) constantly block access to Adams or to cross Adams to use the entrance ramp. This intersection either needs a traffic light or there should be 'No Turn On Red' for eastbound Hamlin Rd. traffic that wants to go southbound on Adams Rd. In times of poor weather, the delayed traffic attempting to get to the M59 entrance ramp also backs up on northbound Adams Rd causing an additional safety issue.