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  • Stormwater Acknowledged
    966 Hemlock Dr. Rochester, Michigan - Rochester
    Storm drain has some filter type sheet installed over it and it is causing water to backup in to my driveway
  • 3462 Auburn Road Auburn Hills, Michigan - Auburn Hills

    'Downtown Auburn Hills' when they switched to 1 lane with angled curb parking they didn't remove old lane lines properly.

    These stretches are dangerous and confusing to drivers as well as pedestrians. Motorists routinely pass other cars by driving through the parking spots, let alone this strip is notorious for speeding.

    AHPD seems content to sit in the Pixley Home or Fire Dept. parking lots, but I've never once seen a vehicle pulled over in this area.

  • Waste Open
    28 South Grey Road Auburn Hills, Michigan - Auburn Hills
    The Christmas tree is a nice addition to a poor attempt at being the next downtown Rochester, but I can see better use of taxpayer money. Decorating a tree is not a month long, 40 hour a week job.
  • 3065 Crooks Rd. Rochester Hills, Michigan - Rochester Hills
    I am sorry I do not have the technology to produce a picture but my description should help. I have been living at this address for 6 years and it is deplorable. There have been promises of remodeling but to no avail. The outside above the siding line to the roof is asbestos all the way around the house, the foundation outside on the left at the rear is damaged severely. The roof leaks in the upstairs room when it rains, The bathroom has Mold coming through the ceiling above the Tub/shower about 3 feet in diameter . The Toilet is slowly sinking into the floor and could go through at any time . There are mice all over the house, when we told the landlord, he said to set traps ! The landlord's name is Farid Jindo . He owns a party store about 3 doors down from the house at 3019 Crooks Rd. Rochester Hills Mi. 48309 . He made it clear that he expects the tenants to make repairs with no money off the rent . The phone number at the store is 248-852-1910 His son Jindo Jindo (That's his name) runs the store . This place is not fit to live in !!! The front steps are loose and he replaced the porch floor with ceramic tile, which, as you know is no good for traction in the rain or snow and it too is breaking apart from the corners and the flat surface.
  • Stormwater Acknowledged
    801 West 4th Street Rochester, MI 48307, United States of America - Rochester
    Storm sewer has been plugged for months. I have photos from the rain this weekend if you need them. Entire intersection is under water all the way to the tops of the curbs.
  • 3420 Aquarious Circle Oakland Charter Township MI, USA - US Congressional District MI9
    A snowplow got lost in our area last year and hasn't been seen since.
    The Road Commission hasn't plowed the subdivision following the last snow storm on Thursday. Now we have about 18-19 inches of snow on the road and we are very hilly in this subdivision. Even with a 4 wheel drive people aren't going to be able to get to work or go anywhere in here for quite a while. Heaven forbid that you need the police or an ambulance. And people complain about the City of Detroit.
  • 85 Whims Ln Oakland County, MI - US Congressional District MI9
    An overhead line was knocked down by a delivery truck and is laying across Whims Ln as of 5:00 pm 1/9/2014
  • 3252-3314 Michigan 59 Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA - Auburn Hills
    Too little notice of final lane reduction in construction zone on eastbound M59 just before I-75. Drivers get good notice of first reduction to two lanes, but the second reduction of two lanes to one comes as a surprise. Drivers are suddenly swinging out of the closing lane.
  • Parks Acknowledged
    1361 Axford Pl Rochester, MI, 48307, USA - Rochester
    Homeowner Eric Ketelsen is available to show you his 125' of treed lot line with hazarous trees in need of trimming that he feels are threatening his fence line adjutting the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve-coming over from that direction. Please give him a call.
  • Tienken Manor Estates Rochester Hills, MI, USA - Rochester Hills
    Cares are going to get swallowed up
  • Water Acknowledged
    136 Griggs St Rochester, MI, 48307, USA - Rochester
    Resident has a sump pump that runs constantly. Thinks there is a water break between house and street.
  • Sidewalks Acknowledged
    119 W 4th St Rochester, MI 48307, USA - Rochester
    substantial hole in sidewalk.