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Need to remove snow!!!!!!!

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  • 1-600 Lexington Ave new haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    With more snow on the way can we please get all of the cars that have not moved for weeks on the odd side of the road in the Heights ticketed and/or towed?

    Also who is in charge of making sure people shovel their sidewalks? This is a law correct? I'm still seeing people walking in the streets on major roads(Grand, Quinnipiac, Lexington) because sidewalks have not been shoveled.

  • Farren Avenue New Haven, CT - Annex
    There is these group of guys that rides up and down the street all day, this is annoying and becoming a problem. You can't even get any sleep or even have a conversation this is how loud they are now I thought that they were illegal to ride in the streets and isn't there some type of noise level in New Haven bc they do it all day from 9am until 12am or even longer can you please help
  • SNOW RELATED Archived
    140 Lexington Avenue New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    Resident has not shoveled walkway.
  • Abandoned RV Archived
    55 Lenox St New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    RV - been parked on Lenox for an eternity, Vermont Plates. I would say has been at this location for well over a month. No movement. Given the amount of snow on it, I think it's abandoned.

    TT&P - might be a good idea to begin the 72 hour timing on this one. I know with the snow parking is tight, But we could regain 2 spots and get some spaces back in this area.

  • 132 Lenox Street New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    I need to be shoveled out around noon this Wednesday (January 28). I usually do the small snowfalls myself, but won't be able to handle this one. Thanks!


  • SNOW RELATED Archived
    8 Stewart Street New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    This is the second complaint I have issued regarding the fact that the owners at 8 stewart street in new haven do not shovel their sidewalk. I have sent pictures of the property to you and still nothing has been done. This is two major snow storms now and the corner property is still not shoveled making it unsafe for all the residents of this area.
  • 5 Russell St New Haven, CT - Annex
    House on the corner of Cabot and Russell street isn't plowed, dangerous for senior citizens living on the street, needs to be plowed
  • 318 Quinnipiac Av New haven, ct - Annex
    The owner of this property never clean the sidewalk. wen snow, people have to walk in the street and this side of Quinnipiac is very dangerous than you.
  • ATV's Archived
    234-262 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Annex
    Kids driving around in ATVs all over the neighborhood in this snow. They've been going up and down the streets for hours.
  • snow removal Archived
    Prospect Ave New Haven Ct 06512 - Fair Haven
    STreet not plowed
  • SNOW RELATED Acknowledged
    430 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven 06513, United States - Fair Haven Heights
    Buckeye pipeline has become an absentee landlord. Their sidewalk is not shoveled when it snows, and there are weed trees growing into the sidewalk.
  • Quinnipiac & Fulton Area New Haven, CT - Annex

    I went home on my lunch hour and found some very unsafe conditions.

    First I was going north on Quin near Warwick and a utility vehicle was completely blocking the lane. I could not see around the corner to know if it was safe to go around. There was a police car there but no one directing traffic. Luckily no one was coming.

    I also noticed two tractor trailer like vehicles totally blocking south bound Fulton, so when coming back I decided to go around on Ferry St and Farren. I waited to take a left at a red light for 3-4 minutes, cars were passing and honking at me to turn so I finally did - on a red which was scary!

    What the heck is going on here!? I don't want to risk my life with lack of traffic safety by the city.