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  • 2900-3090 Grizzly Peak Boulevard Berkeley, California - Panoramic Hill
    Previously reported as SR598971, for sweeping of debris along roadway, Grizzly Peak Blvd between Centennial and Claremont. Northbound was partially swept, but Southbound was not. Glass and debris remain in much of Northbound GPB (thank you, though issue marked "CLOSED" incorrectly), while much of Southbound shoulder is so full of dirt, leaves, rocks and glass that bicyclists are forced into fast traffic on blind corners. Very dangerous situation.
  • 1107 High Court Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Stormwater runoff for half of High Court street in berkeley does not flow to the storm drain, but instead flows into the driveways for 1107 and 1109 High Court, causing flooding, property damage, and a hazard for residents. The street needs to be repaired so that the water flows into the storm drain
  • 1673 Oxford Street Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Road surface has wide gaps, grooves, depressions, and voids creating significant hazards for bicyclists on Oxford between Cedar and Hearst. Hazards are in the direct path of bikes between car lane and parking lane. The hazards are significant also because Oxford has bicycle lane sin both directions south of Hearst
  • 2900-3090 Grizzly Peak Blvd Berkeley, CA 94705, USA - Panoramic Hill
    The northbound lane of grizzly Peak is covered in rocks following the recent rain storm and needs to be swept. The solid white line is completely covered due to a landslide.
  • 1876-1880 San Pedro Ave Berkeley, CA - Berkeley
    The side walk on the south San Pedro Avenue, close to Laurel Lane & a bit east, are broken and uneven. The sidewalks were marked with paint by the city a year ago, yet they have not been replaced.
  • Milvia Street At Rose Street Berkeley, California - Berkeley
    Bicyclists have to cross an uncontrolled intersection to travel on an established bicycle boulevard, creating a safety hazards for bicyclists and particular for students during morning and afternoon commute hours. Bicyclists are subject to high speed impacts. The intersection should probably be stop controlled for the safety of the cyclists Immediately, the city should high visibility crossing and lighted signage. The prior response to this issue by the city was inadequate, saying only, that they would consider this concern in a future bicycle planning process.
  • Grizzly Peak Blvd And Centennial Dr Oakland, CA - Panoramic Hill
    The stop line for west-bound Grizzly Peak Blvd was never repainted for the stop sign at Centennial Dr when the road was repaved in 2013. Please send the contractor back to paint the stop line and finish this job, thanks!
  • The Crescent Berkeley, CA 94720, USA - Berkeley
    Cars turning across the crosswalk from Eastbound University onto northbound Oxford (as the vehicle to the right of this picture is) often don't yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. More dangerous is for traffic (particularly bikes) heading westbound from campus onto University. I was nearly crushed by a cement truck today, while on my bike. I had the right of way and was following all traffic laws as the truck came barreling around the corner. A filter arrow is needed here before someone gets killed.
  • The Alameda At Tacoma Berkeley, CA - Berkeley
    Potholes are along The Alameda, particularly a couple blocks north of Solano Avenue. There are several near the intersection with Tacoma Avenue.
  • 1620 Spruce Street Berkeley, CA 94709, USA - Berkeley
    Neighbor refuses to clear sidewalk for safe pedestrian passage on public property.
  • 1831 Solano Avenue Berkeley, CA 94707, USA - Berkeley

    City code does not allow hanging banners like this. The orange light at night also looks horrible here.

    Way to go, Verizon.

    Thank you

  • 2900-3090 Grizzly Peak Blvd Oakland, CA 94705, USA - Panoramic Hill
    The northbound lanes of grizzly Peak is covered in rocks following the recent rain storms and needs to be swept