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things that need to get fixed ,in this area let me know so i can help solve it..

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  • 257 269 W Main St Meriden, CT - Meriden
    they party all day after 12.00 am till 1.00 am most nites loud music, drugs kides swar words loudly .we cant have neibors kides play out side becouse of them, we find drug bag's in the morning around on the street on quinlan ave we dont want this kind of people here.some bags had drugs still in them .what if a child ate it.they party behind there house the drive way is on are street. cars park and pickup drugs and bang on there windows to get the stuff. this place is a roomin house, that needs to be closed down.landlord dont care.called police about it and they have scanners here them coming and they go in for a little bit till they dont see them around.house next to them same stuff after 8 pm but not as much. its a three famiely or bigger.
  • 23-24 Quinlan Ave Meriden, CT - Meriden
    the owner left the house one year ago and it has been broke into many times and the owner left ever thing in it. water main pipe broke last winter, and water was poring out of house like a lake just came through it. now it's moldy and very unsafe. animals get in. people get in to sleep or do drug's and take pipe's furniture thats junk and moldy. i'm allergic to mold and i cant hang out side very long at all becouse of it.. was bad all summer, but now it's worse becouse it's windy and speading the mold sporse all around the street. bank closed house around june but didnt clean house out. some one need's to do some thing..i dont want to end up in hospital again. please try to get something done..
  • 2-38 Quinlan Ave Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    I had to go shovel the top of are road in the morning to get out of are road the whole to entrince was blocked ..the plows just plowed us in last nite.. no one could get out of ar street..my doughter sleeped over becouse her streets a hill. i had to shovel her out of the top, its all hard snow and ice they need to do are street better too. use more sand andice melt. i fell trying to come back down to my house.. if thier was a fire or some thing ,they wouldnt be able to get through or down the street.could you please make sure it dont happen again please..mr. Kendzion ...
  • 19 Quinlan Ave Meriden, CT - Meriden
    the water is horrable, smells and still tast like sewer. been flushed ,tested once almost 7mths ago, and still is the same...
  • 2-38 Quinlan Ave Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    are street is a dead end the city used it to dump road durt and gravel,on the property of a empty house on are street now are little dead end street is cracking way worse now then be for.becouse the trucks where filled up and dumping and picking up all day. now street lookes horible.
  • 2-38 Quinlan Ave Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    there is a very large pot hole just as you go to come in to are street, you cant go around it. so we hit the bottum of are car's trying to come in or out .its real deep. the water sit's in it also then get's icey also ..please come fix it..
  • 19 Quinlan Ave Meriden, CT - Meriden
    someone has been climbing over my fence at nite after 11pm or early morning destroying my flowers and vetable garden for the last 4 days.my gate is locked and they still climb it.
  • W.Main St And Windsor Ave Meriden Ct - Meriden
    sidewalks on w.main street are inpossible to use a wheelchair on.
  • 246 W Main St Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    cars are frequently parked on the crosswalks on West Main St between Bradley Ave and Lewis Ave. Pedestrians frequently cross the road in this area. There needs to be a safe place for them to cross. Maybe more parking enforcement is needed.
  • 1-51 Lewis Ave Meriden, CT 06451, USA - Meriden
    Huge pot hole
  • street light Archived
    19 Quinlan Ave Meriden, CT - Meriden
    the street light is not bright .i dropped my key to the gate infront of my house to get in and couldnt see it.pluse when i go to unlock it its not bright cant see the lock hole for the key could some on come cleen it or change the light bulb please...it's on the pole next to my driveway....just before the driveway sorry..
  • 29 Quinlan Ave We Have Speeding drugs, loud music ., Meriden, Connecticut - Meriden
    the guy lives at the top end of are dead end street in the gray house we have had troubles planty of times through the years land lord does not car gets the rent and leaves.he drives a silver car up and down are street all day speeding stops in front of my house and in front of my neighbors all the time blaring music because we asked him to turn it down kids play in the street he speeds down and up it ,people are going and coming to that house a lot they fight with the neighbor next door in the yellow house and they fight out side with there own family members police have been there be for this year and through the years.do not think he even has a legal car. please do something going on three years every time he goes to jail and gets out he starts after he is home for a few months.