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  • 3430 Heather Rd. Long Beach, CA - City College Area
    Water does not and has not flowed to the drain because of elevated gutter due to root damage in the ten years I have lived here.
  • 3542-3699 N Studebaker Rd Long Beach, CA 90808, USA - The Plaza
    Both sides of Studebaker between Wardlow & Los Coyotes/Parkcrest stop light. A few were filled but most are still there.
  • 3334 Rutgers Ave Long Beach, California - East Side
    The sidewalk on our block is very damaged, in one place it's so bad it's at about a 35 degree tilt. The street is very dark at night and people trip and fall on it. By day, children use it as a bike ramp. Something needs to be done about it before anybody gets seriously injured.
  • Raised sidewalk Acknowledged
    2919 N. Studebaker Long Beach, CA - The Plaza
    Sidewalk raised in front of house.
  • Potholes Acknowledged
    5217 E Conant St Long Beach, CA 90808, USA - City College Area
    Potholes in alley need filling. Garbage/recycling trucks help make them.
  • 4500-4600 Hazelbrook Ave Long Beach, CA 90808, USA - Lakewood Village
    Whole street between Arbor and Harvey Way is eroding and needs repaving. Large chunks of street frequently come up. Refilling the numerous potholes is futile. Caused by gasline construction last year.
  • 2701-2745 N San Vicente Ave Long Beach, CA 90815, USA - Los Altos
    There are numerous LARGE potholes at the corner of Rogene Street and San Vicente. Several smaller ones on San Vicente, too.
  • 3508 Heather Rd. Long Beach, CA - City College Area
    After every rain and when the neighbors north of our house water excessively, we have an extremely large amount of water in front of our driveway (and several driveways south as well). This is due to tree root damage causing improper drainage. The water gets stagnated, smelly, and is a breeding ground for mosquito larvae.
  • 3202-3298 Monogram Ave Long Beach, CA 90808, USA - The Plaza
    Multiple sections along Monogram have been in need of repair for years; significant hazard because of heavy student-parent-teacher traffic
  • 6808 E Los Arcos St Long Beach, CA 90815, USA - The Plaza
    Due to the north side of the street being a drainage runoff from the park and Studebaker-Willow intersection, the street is pavement is eroding all along Los Arcos, particularly in this area.
  • 2960 Vuelta Grande Long Beach, CA - Los Altos
    ADA curb cut has sunk.
  • 4101-4251 Greenbrier Rd. Long Beach CA 90808, USA - The Plaza
    Greenbrier Rd between Carson and Harvey Way in desperate need of repavng