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  • pot hole Archived
    John Street And Russell Court Seaford, NY - Seaford
    a pot hole in the middle of the street right in the corner of the intersection needs the attention of the highway department.
  • "TREE" Party Archived
    1967-1977 Russell Ct Seaford, NY - Seaford
    tree in Tachapusha preserve fell during the last storm more than a week ago and is in the road of Russell Ct. Nassau County which maintains Tachapusha has not heeded anyone's call to help.
  • Russell Ct Seaford, NY - Seaford
    There is a large pothole from the winter snow storms in the intersection of Russell Ct and john Street, Seaford, NY
  • 3801-3999 Elayne Ct Seaford, NY 11783, USA - Seaford
    there are three potholes and the whole street is cracking up. i think it may cave in soon.
  • deep potholes Archived
    2149-2161 North Dr Seaford, NY 11783, USA - Seaford
    deep potholes with large torn-up chunks of road on sharp turn between two streets
  • many potholes Archived
    3778 Beechwood Pl Seaford, NY 11783, USA - Seaford
    at the corner of beechwood and anita and up about 100 yds through the street of beechwood, there are several potholes including a long gully right down the middle of the road on anita
  • 2225 Seamans Neck Rd Seaford, NY - Seaford
    south of jerusalem ave right down to sunrise highway, seamans neck rd is in very bad shape and needs repaving immediately
  • 3786 Mansfield Drive Seaford, NY 11783, USA - Seaford
    only the center of the street was plowed and the corners are not passable it is a disgrace
  • 4006 Clark Street Seaford, New York - Seaford
    The Street Light in that location is out. The home is occupied by senior citizens and they are very afraid. Please repair light ASAP.
  • 1 Prade Lane massapequa park, ny, 11762 - Seaford
    very large pothole at the intersection of park lane and prade lane in massapequa park. pothole is located in a spot that if you tried to drive around it, and there was a car coming in the other direction, you would collide. people drive through this street very fast because it is a shortcut to the back entrance of the mall or carmans road. there is also a school around the corner, so morning traffic is high.
  • 3626 Alcona St Seaford, NY 11783, USA - Seaford
    Let us know how the plows did by you. (plow0127)they didnt.
  • C/O Rosevelt Ave And Greenwich Ave/ Also On 2nd Ave And Greenwich Ave In Massapequa Park - Seaford
    There are two detoriating potholes on each corner to the entrance of my street, the village comes by time to time drops gravels and leaves three days later the gravel is all over the street and the poyhole is still there, what makes matters worse is that when it rains there are huge puddles and then you cant see the pothole which makes it dangerous for drivers they are located on greenwich ave between roosevelt ave and second ave in massapequa park one on each corner