Bureau of Rodent Control

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  • 2538 W Haddon Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60622 - Chicago Ward 26
  • 461 W Melrose St Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Chicago Ward 44
    Bait the back yard.
  • Rat Archived
    5043 West Warwick Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Portage Park
    I saw a rat between two garages in the back alley, 5000 block of Warwick Ave. it was more on the edge of the alley than in the yard.
  • 4736 N Malden St Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 46
    Rats in the alley behind building
  • 3038 N Southport Ave Chicago, IL, 60657, USA - Lake View
    Overfull garbage and recycle carts almost everyday. No attempt to close the cart lids or break down boxes. Rat infestation in the alley. Two buildings at 3038 and 3036 N Southport Ave have multiple apartments. Tenants mix garbage and recycle materials and litter in the alley
  • 2262-2298 W Bloomingdale Ave Chicago, IL 60647, USA - Chicago Ward 1
  • 3005 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL, 60657, USA - Lake View
    Rat Burrows along W. Wellington Ave - address 3005 N Lincoln Ave - Reported for many months. The rats have not moved. Please bait the rat burrows and contact the building owners and require rat abatement on a permanent basis. Thanks
  • 1726 W Superior St Chicago, IL 60622, USA - Chicago Ward 1
    1. The deck is very old and shaky.
    2. Tons of rats coming out of garage and side gate in the back yard. It doesn't help with restaurants in the area
    3. There is a tree on power lines that look like it's gonna break anytime soon.
  • 4735 North Dover Street Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    This has been an on going problem with this building. We have addressed it with the owner and she is not willing to request for additional carts for garbage or to even invest in a dumpster for the building. This over flow is every week and only gets worse in the summer as the Air BnB traffic increases. It attracts rodents.
  • 3056 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL, 60657, USA - Lake View
    3056 N Lincoln Ave is the former site of a Michelin restaurant called Entente - moved to River North about 2 months ago. They left behind a major rat infestation and construction debris in the alley from the demolition of a vestibule in front of the building at the front door. The junk was dumped on top of rat burrows.
  • 930 W Sheridan Rd Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 44
    There are numerous active rat holes on both the north and south sides of the public sidewalk in front of this property
  • 1525 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Lake View
    Behind this building on the Greenview side is a large concrete pad. Rats are living underneath it. I was parked here waiting to go into my building and saw three rats run out within a few minutes. You can clearly see where they enter the burrows.