Bureau of Rodent Control

Fur Arrimaha: 20 Arrimaha xidhmay: 84,998 Arrimaha la Qiray: 8,318
Daawashada arrimaha la abuuray kadib: 2011-02-08

Emails will be sent to: Josie.Cruz@cityofchicago.org

Wax Laga Ogaysiiyey

  • 2012 W Augusta Blvd Chicago, IL 60622, USA - Chicago Ward 32
    This single family home has broken front stairs and rats can be seen nesting in there when walking by. And into alley.
  • 1015 W Wolfram St Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Chicago Ward 44
    1023 W Wolfram: constant garbage, Beer cans and cigarette butts in front of house. They throw lit cigarettes onto my porch. Today, somebody moved out of the front unit and left a mattress and box springs on the sidewalk on my fence. The owner of this building needs to be fined as this is repetitive. There is excess garbage in alley and rats in their cans .
  • 461 W Melrose St Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Chicago Ward 44
    Bait the back yard.
  • 1726 W Superior St Chicago, IL 60622, USA - Chicago Ward 1
    1. The deck is very old and shaky.
    2. Tons of rats coming out of garage and side gate in the back yard. It doesn't help with restaurants in the area
    3. There is a tree on power lines that look like it's gonna break anytime soon.
  • 1133 N Ashland Ave Chicago, IL 60642, USA - Chicago Ward 1
    Rats seen throughout 1500 west Haddon and 1100 n Ashland
  • 930 W Sheridan Rd Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 44
    There are numerous active rat holes on both the north and south sides of the public sidewalk in front of this property
  • 1525 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Lake View
    Behind this building on the Greenview side is a large concrete pad. Rats are living underneath it. I was parked here waiting to go into my building and saw three rats run out within a few minutes. You can clearly see where they enter the burrows.
  • 4010 N Lawrence Ave - Albany Park
    Rat infestation at the NWC of Lawrence and Pulaski. They are going under the cement block where the canopy is. I saw at least 5 there this evening. Something needs to be done!!
  • Rats Archived
    2728 West Giddings Street Chicago, Illinois - Lincoln Square
    There are rodents running back and forth between the garages in the alley at 2728 W Giddings.
  • 3352 N Halsted St Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Chicago Ward 44
  • 2538 W Haddon Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60622 - Chicago Ward 26
  • 750 West Montrose Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 46
    North and South rear cages of this building have food debris and bottles and left over food that has been left by people who have breached the fence and eat in the cage area. Lots of rats present on this vacant property.